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We are VERY excited to be presenting a true crime edition of Tinder Live w/ Lane Moore this weekend! The Death Becomes Us show is happening at Gramercy Theatre, and the lineup will include Paul Holes and an EXTRA special mystery guest. (I cannot tell you who that mystery guest is yet, but I know who it is, and TRUST ME, YOU WILL WANT TO GET TICKETS!)

Lane is celebrating FIVE WHOLE YEARS of Tinder Live in 2019! We got caught up over email to talk about the milestone, so read up on all of that below! Then, 1. grab tickets to tomorrow’s gig, and 2. snag a copy of Lane’s wildly popular book, How To Be Alone! HERE WE GO!

Congrats on the five year anniversary of Tinder Live! (We are VERY excited to have you on the DBU lineup!) How has doing the show for this long changed (if at all) your relationship with/attitude towards Tinder as a dating platform?  

I stopped using dating apps for myself personally this year. I know so many people who’ve found love and marriage on them, so I think they can be really great for that, but for me, I just wasn’t finding what I wanted. Dating apps are working for a lot of people and that’s great for them. But for the rest of us, there’s Tinder Live.

BYT: You’ve done the show in other cities. How does NYC stack up in comparison? And does traveling to other places make you appreciate the NYC dating pool more or less?

LM: The funny thing is, dating is bad truly everywhere. There’s no magical city as much as I wish there was, where everyone is great and connection is easy. For better or worse, everyone around the country seems to be coming across the same weird profiles and messages, which glass half full is great for Tinder Live because I can take all of that weirdness and turn it into something super positive.

BYT: You’ve had some amazing guests on over the years, and I’m not going to ask you to choose one as a favorite. BUT, in the future, are there any dream guests that you’ve not approached yet but would love to have on?

Oh man, so many. Aidy Bryant. Lindy West. The cast of GLOW! Nicole Byer. Abbi and llana. Bob Odenkirk. Michael Ian Black. Michael Showalter.

BYT: Again, there are probably SO MANY, but are there any specific ultra-memorable moments that stick out to you that you want to tell us about?

LM: The best part of Tinder Live really is that every single show has a super memorable moment, because it’s totally improvised, so anything, truly anything, can and does happen every show. It’s like magic in a bottle, and every show is a different type of magic that even I can’t foresee, which I love. One recent show, a profile was in Russian, and a guy who spoke Russian translated it for us so I could message the guy. That was freaking awesome. The audiences themselves are really such a great part of the show too. I also tour with Tinder Live at colleges, and one guy actually made a profile just in the hopes it’d come up on Tinder Live, and it did, and it had a rap on it about how he was on it for Tinder Live! I didn’t know that until I read the last line. Everyone was so into the guy who was on screen he ended up dating like 5 audience members after the show. I love Tinder Live so much.

BYT: Are there ever instances where an audience member has recognized someone who’s come up during the show and been able to tell a crazy story about them? Like, “I went out to drinks with that guy and totally got catfished!” or something?

LM: YES! One of my favorites was a woman in the audience who said “I went out with him and he ghosted me,” and she sounded so sad, and I said “Aw, that sucks!” And so we matched on stage, and I messaged him “Why didn’t you text me back, Paul????” And the woman said she really appreciated it.

BYT: And finally, after Death Becomes Us, what’s on the horizon for Tinder Live and for you?

LM: I’d really love to see Tinder Live as a TV show this year. It’s always felt very inevitable to me, and everyone I talk to is like, “How is this not a TV show yet?” I’m like “It will be! it will!” This is the year.

Featured photo by Katia Temkin