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All words by Nick Goebel

TikTok is an addiction sweeping the quarantined world. Well, except Florida, because they don’t quarantine. But for the rest of us stuck in our houses, apartments and parents’ homes, chances are high that we’ve downloaded TikTok and spent a whole night scrolling. 

Whether you’ve already got the basics down and are ready to start making some more ~trendy~ videos, or you just wanna know the best videos to send to your group chat so they know you’re the brightest young thing, we got you covered. 

Obviously the weirdest and most outrageous videos will always get the most likes and follows. However, not everyone can catch a nest of owls living in their house, nor do we have any desire to shave our eyebrows, for now. 

A few quick tips: Tags are super important, so don’t forget to include them #FYP. The music that is connected to the video is probably the second most important, so make sure to use the track. And, be aware that the content you’re  fed is based on what you are interested in; if you “like” a cosplay video, you will be given more content from people who do cosplay. (We love an algorithm! My stream is just full of gay comedy and Avatar the Last Airbender content, oops.)

The nice thing about TikTok is that all body types, sexual orientations and ages are welcome. It’s not a perfect app, but it does celebrate diversity. Welcome to the silver lining of 2020!

Here are some moods:

  1. Strut -The idea is to stumble around while walking in really tall heels (or roller blades) before you show off your real talent. A real strong sense of confidence comes through on each of these videos.  
  2. Arg – This is a common theme on TikTok, videos that have little lip syncs and you are just showing off. Super easy and fun, so enjoy, but do something more creative than the regular run-of-the-mill stuff, obvi.    
  3. Album Cover – EXTRA FUN. This uses a bit more creativity; talk about a specific scenario that you relate to, then recreate an album cover to say exactly how you feel. Hard to describe, but the best part of the TikTok is coming up with the punch line with the song title
  4. Lots of You – The most complicated cut and reattach TikTok on our list, but it does look fabulous, if you can make it work. Just watch and figure it out if you can, because I can’t.  
  5. Anything that talks about being horny, PG versions only. – It’s exactly what it sounds like; you can be dirty flirty with your partner, but do be careful, because TikTok has very strict guidelines.  
  6. Mushroom Dance – It’s just weird and addicting. Nothing else to say.
  7. Any Sort of Amazing Lip Sync – There are tons of different lip syncs that you can add to your own page. If you do it really well you’ll be famous. Costumes are a plus
  8. Art of any sort – Artists are thriving on TikTok. The key is showing the process and the final product. Make-up, painting, singing or animal training. Literally anything

Well, there you have it! Now you can be TikTok famous. But remember, trends go fast on TikTok, and these might end before Pride month even starts. (You’re welcome.)

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