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Once upon a time, in a previous life, I was 24 and heading on a blind internet wedding date in a city I did not live in. Pretty sure everything about that sentence spells “and then you got murdered and dumped into a river wrapped in sheer plastic” but somehow I did not think of it that way. At least not until I disembarked from my plane and was walking over to the van (yes! a van!) with an Arizona pizza delivery sign on it (side note: we were NOT in Arizona) that my blind internet date was picking me up in. Around that time I did have a brief flash of “I am going to die” thought process and definitely texted everyone I knew to call me every hour on the hour for the next 5 hours so as to make sure that I am, in fact, still breathing.

Anyway, but then I walked in and my blind internet date looked if not necessarily completely sane than at least like someone I could defend myself from somewhat and he made some decent joke about all this being crazy and then he started the car and Yan Tiersen’s score to AMELIE came on the CD player. And that was that. We dated for a year after that.

So there.

Anyway, movie credits aside- Yan is a terrific musician (read our review of one of his previous shows in DC here) and back in the US to promote his new record Skyline, which finds Tiersen taking a confident step forward, cementing the sound of its darker sister, the critically acclaimed Dust Lane. to give away to his 930 club show this weekend (if there ever was a perfect holiday weekend date opportunity, this is it)

and to enter to win leave us a comment telling us what your favorite MOVIE SOUNDTRACK OF ALL TIME is. GOOOOOOO.