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We’ve been big fans of Wye Oak since the first time we laid ears on them: The music lumbers and lurches; Jenn Wesner’s guitar  guitar, the chords growing louder as her head bobs and body convulses as if channeling a minor seizure; Andrew Stack as a one man wall of sound, putting near every appendage to use: his left hand manipulating synthesizer keys; his right alternately utilizing both ends of a tympani drum stick; and his feet operating a high-hat and a kick pedal.

They’re a great show to see live and they’re coming back to Black Cat this Friday, in support of their CIVILIAN record, which, handily, is out today on Merge.


We have a pair of tickets to give away to this show and to enter to win, you have to let us know what has been your favorite record of this soon-to-be-past winter. We’ll notify the winners tomorrow-so don’t waste any time.