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It’s rare that a contemporary act can perfectly bottle a zeitgeist, but sometimes it happens and there you have it–Vintage Trouble are the rare case and really do mean vintage. The lead singer of the four-piece pulls soulful singing and dancing (with a wardrobe to boot) straight from a soul legend like James Brown while the rest of the band brings grungy, muddy blues rock to the mix.  It’s a raucous, romping fun time of a show and we’re thrilled to send YOU for FREE to their Saturday, March 3rd show at Howard Theatre.

Check out their sweet performance on The Late Show with David Letterman wherein their frontman gets on a woman’s chair, plaid crotch in her face, and sings to a clapping audience:


TO WIN: Their album title, The Bomb Shelter Sessions, got us thinking, obviously, about the apocalypse. so, to win, tell us where you’d hole up for the end of the world. Cool? Cool. (Be sure to leave your email address in the comments section. Winner will be notified by noon tomorrow, Friday May 1st.)