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You’re in the dark and you’re scared. All around you are demons, exorcisms, serial killers and the undead. It’s E Street Cinema like you’ve never experienced before and it’s all because of a little (master)piece of horror called V/H/S.

And it’s exactly what you’d expect from a film culled from the minds of six of America’s top horror filmmakers in a found-footage horror anthology. Legitimately terrifying. (This isn’t one of those I’ve-read-the-press-releases-so-I-know sort of vouchings; I’ve seen it, and it’s great for those who LOVE HORROR.)

A group of ne’er do wells breaks into a man’s house to steal a tape and it’s all frightening from there. One framework surrounds several terrors, taking you from plot to horrifying plot in 115 minutes of scares both primal and psychological. The best news? E Street Cinema is screening this lil ungodly gem on Monday, October 1st and we’ve got two passes we want to give YOU.


Looks pretty fun, right? I’m going to level with you and tell you the scariest subgenre of horror for me is, hands down, the home intrusion/break-in film. (And, because V/H/S is an equal opportunity scarer, they’ve got some of that in there too.) TO WIN: Tell us what scares you most. We want to know your deepest, darkest terrors…