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Halloween may be over but it’s never too late for that dark spirit to move you. Bringing an onslaught of dancing, nostalgia and a front-to-back performance off one of Saddle Creek’s finest records of all time, The Faint are playing Danse Macabre in its entirety at 9:30 Club on December 5th.

If we had a nickel every time we still played this album in the BYT office, we’d have a million dollars. (In our hearts and minds.) In reality we might have like, three bucks which isn’t enough to buy a ticket so if you’re in the same boat, we want to give you TWO FREE TICKETS to their show at 9:30 Club.

 Danse Macabre still gets us all weepy-eyed in the most 2001 ways. (Remember that tour with Bright Eyes? We sure do.) And their live show is something that should never be missed when given the opportunity. Lazers? Check? Dancing ’til you can’t dance no more? Check. Lots of drugs? Check.

So to win: tell us what shit you were getting up to in the early 2000s you wouldn’t normally admit to.