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BYT’s Summer Camp pool party sells itself, but we still like to throw in some bonus goodies for our favorite camp attendees. This week, the first 50 people in the door for Rave Camp get free tickets to a sneak preview of the new film The Collector. It looks pretty spooky:


I know, we gave away Humpday tickets the week after Gay Jesus Camp and now horror movie tickets the week after Camp Crystal Lake.  Maybe next week we’ll have DVD’s of Bad Boys II Director’s Cut or something…



For handyman and ex-con Arkin, a quiet home and a family on vacation is an “opportunity”.  For inside his new employer’s country home lies a safe, and inside the safe is a gem – his only hope for repaying a debt to his ex-wife and keeping what’s left of his family intact.
Unfortunately for Arkin, inside the house is also a box containing the latest addition to a collection catalogued in blood, bone and tears. As the seconds tick down to midnight, Arkin becomes a reluctant hero trapped by a masked “Collector” in a maze of lethal invention – the Spanish Inquisition as imagined by Rube Goldberg – while trying to rescue the very family he came to rob.   

From Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, the twisted minds behind Saw IV, V and the upcoming Saw VI, THE COLLECTOR emerges as a real-time game of cat-and-mouse, melding primal horror with suspense thriller. The film stars Josh Stewart, Daniella Alonso, Michael Reilly Burke, Andrea Roth, Madeline Zima, Karley Scott-Collins, Robert Wisdom and Juan Fernandez.

THE COLLECTOR opens in theaters on Friday, July 31st, 2009

Rating: R
Runtime: 88 minutes