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So you read our review of “Two Gentlemen of Verona” currently on stage at Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Landsburgh Theatre, where we said the production “opens with a posse of young men dressed in skinny jeans and green converse drinking beers to the tune of Ben Fold’s “Zak and Sara.” It immediately promises an accessible and relevant take on the lesser-known comedy.

This is a staging with charm and substance and talented actors who make spinning contemporary laughs from Shakespeare’s phrasing seem like a walk in the park. That the play resists pinning the story into a clear frame of reference is a caveat but not a warning. You should still go see this play and laugh the night away.

So naturally… now you want to go.

Well good news for you — we have FIVE, yes FIVE, pairs of tickets to giveaway to our ever-so-dedicated readers.  The best part? The tickets are for use whenever during before the show ends on March 4th @ Lansburgh Theatre.

All you’ve got to do to win is tell us in the comments below, your favorite Shakespearean pick-up line. Winners will be selected by Wednesday AM.  Use a real email address when you comment.