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Last time RUBBLEBUCKET were in town, they played to sold out crowds @ 930 club as they opened for Ozomatli. Now, they’re bringing their exuberant sound full of ebullient drum beats, harmonies and horn exclamations over to U Street Music Hall on Wednesday. (added bonus-you can download their latest “OMEGA LA LA” record for free on RUBLLEBUCKET.COM. added bonus to that bonus: The album was produced by DFA’s Eric Broucek (LCD Soundsystem, Cut Copy, Hercules and Love Affair) which in our book is recommendation enough)

Check out  the listening party below if you want to know what to expect ( to note: the buoyant vocals and saxophone of Kalmia Traver and the hyperkinetic energy of trumpet player Alex Toth)

Song 1: Came Out of a Lady

Writing this song came really naturally. The trumpet melody just appeared under my fingertips. Initially a sort birthday song set to the trumpet melody for a friend (“Happy day you came out of a lady a number of years ago today”) it quickly turned into a love song. “I used to wish I was never born” is something many of us have felt before… the feeling of not knowing what the hell we are doing here on this planet. But love is good. Really good. At live shows we literally throw ourselves into the audience during this song. People get down super hard. -Alex

Song 2: Silly Fathers

I started writing this song when I was home in Vermont for a month in January ’10. My dad was in the next room, and I could hear him typing his book, and he is silly, and the words Silly Fathers came into my head. It is sort of sparse compared to our other music, and really poppy- even almost like some soul music. I was thinking about how our ancestors lived closer to the land, and how we have lost a degree. We just filmed the video for this in NYC, last week. And my parents came down to help and they have cameos in the video. -Kalmia

Song 3: L’Homme

L’Homme has a vibe that is pretty well described by the word we made up, “omega la la”. It’s a thing that’s hard to describe, so I made a word for it. It’s like full of attitude and contains lots of motion and change. It’s like a still frame of someone dancing wildly with confetti all around and a spark plug coming out of their nose, and one boob falling out by accident. That is omega la la, and that is L’Homme too. When we play this live we get in a really meditative thundering zone, and I put lots of delay on my voice and go wild. -Kalmia

We have a pair of tickets to give away to the show (which also features ELIKEH) and to enter to win, leave us a comment telling us who do you think is the single most funkiest band out there right now. We’ll notify the winners early tomorrow AM, so keep an eye on your email.