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It’s the return of the Boy Band. With their debut album going to number one in 15 countries around the world, millions of screaming fans, and European mojo, One Direction is arguably one of the biggest bands in the WORLD. This English-Irish Pop band has taken over the US, bringing us nostaglic memories of the Backstreet Boys and N*Sync. Their songs are catchy, their faces are cute, and they are coming here to DC.

We’ve got a pair of tickets to the SOLD OUT One Direction North American World Tour show @ VERIZON and we want you to win them.

Here’s What you ‘Directioners’ have to do to win:

The Senario: One Direction has Just arrived in DC and have some time to spare before they hit the stage. You have  the oh-so-lucky  and imaginary chance to be their DC tour guide. Give us a short story about where you would take them, what you would do and how you would turn them into honorary locals. The more bizarre, amazingly detailed and creative the story the better. The best story wins the tickets. Don’t forget to include your EMAIL.

Sing along to every word while you plan!

+ some bonus info from the tour sponsor, the makers of Oreo, Ritz and trident, NABISCO:

·         Prior to the show, fans can download the free 1D VIP app at either the Apple or Google Play stores, snap a photo of their favorite snack package with a mobile device and unlock an exclusive experience featuring One Direction. Once the experience is opened, fans can continually check back for new content, such as voicemails from One Direction and a cyber-photo booth where fans can create images of themselves with the Band. ·         For those lucky enough to have already scored a seat at one of the 35 tour stops, Nabisco will have never-before-seen videos shown during the concert and exclusive photo opportunities for attendees.