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So, yeah.  Obviously Scissor Sisters wrecked us all months ago and sold out in no time.  For those of you LUCKY ladies who scored tickets, we at BYT are jealous of you.  To ALL, add another event to your Capital Pride week calendar, because hell yes:

The OFFICIAL SCISSOR SISTERS AFTER PARTY at U HALL WILL BE BUMPIN tomorrow, Wed June 18th @ 9pm, thanks to Anniething Goes and Natty Boom!  Featuring DJs Sammy Jo (Scissor Sisters Tour DJ), Natty Boom (Anthology of Booty, Homo/Sonic), TIGHT FΔNG (BYGays) & vANNIEty Kills (Anniething Goes).

SO, lay your best “if-I-were-Scissor Sisters-official-DJ-my-killer-DJ-name-would-be: ____________” on us for a chance to win 2 passes (one for you, one for your mama) to the OFFICIAL after party.  And you better bring it.

Winner will be notified tomorrow by 5pm.