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Theremin playing, hat wearing, number-shouting rockers New Orleans Bingo! Show are coming to the Kennedy Center next week (4.13), to showcase their gritty, Jazz-infused style. The list of special guests couldn’t be more enticing: Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Big Freedia, Givers, Fleur De Tease, Helen Gillet, Ouintron & Miss Pussycat, Mystic Pony Aerial Troupe, Young Fellaz Brass Band, and, of course, Noisician Coalition.

We have TWO FREE TICKETS !! Want ‘em? Here’s the deal: Tell us the most ridiculous word (or set of words) that could possibly be shouted, instead of “Bingo!”, by someone who wins the game at an old-folks home.  To get your juices flowing here are a couple examples: “How you like them apples, Joan?! (Walter then slaps Joan’s Bingo! card, her placeholders scattering across the tile floor)” and “(in a dying gasp) Rosebud!”. As always, put your submissions in the comment section. The best submission wins. So get creative, people!

In the meantime, here’s a video you should watch: