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If you happened to grow up watching the ever-charming Joseph Gordon-Levitt since, well, “Third Rock from the Sun,” you’ve seen him grow from child actor (hey, 10 Things I Hate about you) to leading-man material (what’s up, Brick) and, more recently, to entrepreneur/visionary in his collaborative art company hitRECord–now taking JGL and some of the site’s best video, music and writing on the road to Warner Theatre with a hitRECord showcase.

Creative inspiration can be tough to come by but with hitRECord, the open, collaborative for-profit production company, anyone can get inspired by another member’s photo, script, video, song, poem–anything, really. Contributors use it like an online studio, upload their creations, and other members contribute to their pieces–eventually you get some incredible finished products that screen at major film festivals like Sundance.


What’s the best part of all? We want to send YOU to the hitRECord on the Road Tour for FREE. We know you’re going to love some of the short films, music videos, animation and surprises–and, who are we kidding, an evening with Joseph Gordon-Levitt? SIGN US UP.

To win: tell us what work of art you’d create to hang out with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I’ll go first with an example. I would probably draw a stick figure picture of us holding hands or maybe playing some ukuleles, generally being twee as f*ck. He’d obviously be drawn wearing a snappy vest and there would be a lot of hearts and maybe some of those Vs that look like birds a four year old might draw.