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This Saturday marks the first time DC9 has opened its doors to a non-DJ act since unfortunate events in October and we at BYT are thrilled (because Once Upon A Time At DC9….)!!  FOUL  SWOOPS / MAYBE BABY / ICE CREAM will inaugurate DC9’s return to the venue scene and we’ve got a pair of tickets up for grabs.

TO WIN TICKETS:  Tell me who’s made your favorite comeback.  Musician, Artist, Actor, Whatever. Winner will be notified Friday morning so use a real email address when you comment.

I’ll go first:

ROBERT DOWNEY JR.  — You all know the story.  From coming-of-age brat packer (hello Less Than Zero) to beau of SJP… a couple hundred arrests/drug charges… now he’s Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes and the star of my dreams.  Man has it made.  His son is pretty hot too.