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So, what is better than eating dinner at one of your favorite DC restaurants? Eating it at 5 OF THEM.

On May 18th at Yard’s Park, Taste of DC is giving you a chance to get, for a bargain $49, a five course meal (with wine and beer pairings) of THIS menu:

Rogue 24 – RJ Cooper
Cucumber/Yogurt/Smoked Trout/Roe

Jaleo by José Andrés – Ramon Martinez
Empedrat De Mongetes

Cedar – Aaron McCloud
Grilled Rabbit Sausage with English Pea Cream and Pickled Asparagus

Luke’s Lobster – Luke Holden
Maine-Style Lobster Roll with Melted Lemon Butter and Secret Spices

Windows Catering – Laurent Lhuillier
Lemoncello Crème with Blueberry Confit, Ladyfinger, and Chocolate Garnish

at any of the 2 sessions of your choice:






NOW about that giveaway:

leave us a comment telling us what YOU favorite bite of DC session would entail (which dishes from which restaurants) and let us know which session you’d prefer. We’ll notify the winners by COB Thursday. cOOL? COOL.

more details and tickets here: http://biteofdc.eventbrite.com/?discount=BYT