Ticket Giveaway: Delta Spirit & Jeff the Brotherhood @ Fillmore Silver Spring
stephanie | Nov 20, 2012 | 10:30AM |

When I’m looking for the perfect soundtrack for a long walk, a drive in the sun, a night out, well, almost anything, it’s surprising how often Delta Spirit find their way into my speakers. They’ve got a unique sound and one hell of a live show, which is why everyone at BYT is so stoked they’re coming to Fillmore Silver Spring with Jeff the Brotherhood this Saturday (Nov. 24).

Trademarked by Southern influence (not too be confused with their Southern California roots), their music ranges from thoughtful and folky to yowling, rebellious power pop that reminds us all what it feels like to be alive.

Or, more popularly, this one: (so good)

Or maybe this one… (again, so good)

As you can probably tell, we’re all pretty excited for this show and we’re excited we can bring you too.

TO WIN: Their video for “California” (the first in this post) is all about the double life of a young punk. Tell us the most punk thing you’ve ever done in your life. (We won’t rat you out, we swear.)