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Tickets on sale now for Nat Geo After Hours 2015!

BYT and NatGeo are teaming up to celebrate National Geographic’s 125th birthday. It’s going to be crazy, it’s going to be fun, its going to be wild. Did you miss it last year? Here are some pictures for you to drool over. Were you there last year? Then you know that this event is not to be missed. Plus, this is a milestone year! 125 years= 125 times your average kick-ass party.


Be smart and buy tickets here. Be creative and win tickets here! In order to win these tickets, tell us, if you could transform into one kind of animal for a night/day (your preference) what kind of animal would you be and what would you do? The answer that amuses, frightens, or just plain weirds us out the most wins. Need tickets for you friends too? Here, again, is the link  to purchase. Prepare yourselves for a night of brilliant fun. See you there, party animals!

Here’s a little mood music. Good luck!