Ticket Giveaway: BYT Election Spectacular 2012
svetlana | Oct 31, 2012 | 10:00AM |

So, you guys-I know that with the Halloween and Hurricane (parties) and ALL.THOSE.RYAN.LOCHTE.TWEETS.TO.KEEP.UP.WITH it was (almost) easy to forget that the ELECTION 2012 happens 6 days from now. 6.DAYS. Naturally-we are having a party for it. A really amazing party. Because, as you know-no matter what happens, you WILL want to be drinking.

Tickets are a bargain $10 in advance, and you should definitely get them because they involve ALL OF THIS:

Let’s party like it’s 2008!

BYT Election Party

BYT Presents

The Election Night 2012 Spectacular
returning to the historic
Bohemian Caverns & LIV nightclub on U St! (2001 11th street NW) – obviously -the date is November 6th

(ticket link: http://4more.eventbrite.com/#)

street party

Will we rejoice in the streets again, or riot?

We’re taking over all three levels starting at 5pm.
Go vote and then come on over, cause no matter what happens,
you’re gonna want to be drinking for this.


Jonathan Toubin
New York Night Train
(first appearance in DC since this crazy shit happened)

Kid Congo Powers
with guest selector
Kid Congo Powers
+ a host of judges TBA

Also featuring hometown DJ heroes

DJ Chris Burns
Chris Burns

(Party Bros / 410 Paradox Underground / BYT Election Night 2008)

DJ Adrian Loving
Adrian Loving
(President Obama’s DJ [for real])

DJ Ri5e
(in his first non-rooftop gig ever)

Magical memories in the
Onomonomedia Photobooth


TVs full of real time critical electoral stats and polls!
Champagne toast if Obama wins!
(wait, we should probably confirm that with the bar manager first)
Cotton candy!
An awesome restaurant!
Hugs (awkwardly long)!
Patriotic Eating Contests!
Piggy back rides!
Enjoyable conversation!
Cale’s Birthday!

Take Wednesday off you socialist.

Advance tickets are $10
Day of tickets are $15
we’re most likely gonna sell out

This is a 21+ event

NOW, WE ALSO LOVE YOU ETC, so we have a pair of tickets to give away to this too. TO ENTER TO WIN-let us know who would be your write-in candidate for president AND WHY. Cool? Cool. We will notify the winners by COB Thursday.

Recent Comments:
  • itsmahburfday says:

    Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln because, with that kind of painstaking preparation Mr. Lewis took to get into the role, I have few doubts that he would know what to do in that seat better than most. Due to his lack of foreign policy background, for obvious reasons, I’m going to say Hil for veep. Bill can come too.

  • Takka-san says:

    I’d write-in a look-a-like for [insert current standing president because this vote is timeless] who makes appearances at used car sales events but has a heart of gold. He has the experience, because he was able to sub for the real president while he was in a coma brought about by extra-marital boning with aplomb while also sexing the neglected FLOTUS, Sigourney Weaver. He gets my vote because with the help of Charles Grodin and a roast beef sandwich, yes we can balance this budget.

  • lilyelle says:

    would have to go with Rachel Maddow – not because she’s super super liberal, which is also cool, but because she would not take ANYONE’S shit. I mean, come on:


  • Devin says:

    My write-in candidate for president would be Vermon Supreme. He has said that, if elected President of the United States, he will pass a law requiring people to brush their teeth and he promises a free pony for every American.

    • Sandeep says:

      LOL Sev’, je mets des collants 1. parce que le soir venu, il fait froid dans ce pays of9 on est cense9 mrouir de chaud Et puis a robe est un peu courte donc comme on bougeait pas mal ce jour-le0, j’ai pre9fe9re9 eatre e0 l’aise, mais t’inquie8te je montre mes gambettes de temps en temps 😉 Olive, j’arrive ! 😉

  • smurphette says:

    Beyonce would be my write-in, because the White House (and the world in general) could always use more sass. Running mate would be Lisa Frank, because the posters would be amazing and what else is she doing anyway.

  • Naomi says:

    My write in would have to be Big Bird. Just because Big Bird has gotten so much attention and fame recently. And of course…Elmo would be the VP pick.

  • Postcollegiate says:

    HILLARY. Because that bitch knows how to get shit done and look swag doing it.

  • Julie says:

    I mean Clearly Martin Sheen would be the best president ever right?

  • Ron The Don says:

    My write in candidate would be Oprah since she’s one of the most powerful women in America, second to Michelle Obama. She’s one of the reason Obama won the presidency!

  • The Perry says:

    My write-in candidate for president would be Michelle Obama, with Elmo as her running mate, because really, who’s going to vote against that ticket?

  • BritPixie says:

    Obviously my serious write-in would be Ellen. Because she is a saint. And everyone would just not have to go xmas shopping ever again, because she’d just give everyone in the country tons of cool stuff. And also, you know, she’d be like super cool to military folks, and deaf people, and people who are just generally down on their luck. She’s the best, you guys. Though her VP might be Taylor Swift, and I can’t decide if that would be awesome, or not.