Ticket Giveaway: Bryan Ferry
svetlana | Jun 9, 2011 | 11:15AM |

I will freely admit that “The Best of Roxy Music” has been one of my go-to compilations in life. From “Avalon” to “Jealous Guy” to “More Than This” to “Virginia Plain” to “Slave to Love”, they’ve made some of the most heart-wrenching yet insanely stylish music ever. Hell, I want to watch videos for all of them RIGHT NOW.

Post white tuxedos and artsy glam, Bryan Ferry embarked on a fascinating solo career of his own, ranging in everything from smooth synth covers of “Sympathy for the devil” to working with Jonny Marr on “The Right Stuff” to “Dylanesque” and more. Essentially, he is the most essential, iconoclastic person you could still see live and probably love it.


He comes to Strathmore in October, and TICKETS GO ON SALE TOMORROW @ 10AM. BUT! We’re offering you a chance to win them before you can buy them, since we love you like that.

To enter to win, and inspired by Bryan’s many inspired album cover choices (SEE BELOW), leave us a comment telling us WHAT IS THE GREATEST ALBUM COVER EVER MADE (copying and pasting the image url into the comments for visual aiding is encouraged). GOOOOOO!