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The Best Coast is returning to the east coast to the 9:30 club, following up the success of their sophomore album, The Only Place. The indie rocking duo continues to ride the California-loving wave of the first album, Crazy For You, but this time around with a more defined sound. This new sound got the album ranked as one of the top 50 albums of 2012. Pretty freakin’ sweet.

Headlining the show are psych rockers the Guards, and garage pop up-and-comers The Lovely Bad Things. Obviously, this is set to be a spectacular showcase.

My only question now is, what are you waiting for to get these tickets?? A BYT giveaway, you say? Aw, you sly dogs! You’re in luck!

To enter to win, leave us a comment of the best excuse you’ve ever given to get out of doing something. The best entry will get a pair of tickets to the show. Get creative, get ca-razy! We don’t care, just get to it! Procrastinators unite! (Eventually!!!!!!!)

(They cry because you don’t have tickets yet. They’re still available. Get to it, slackers.)