TICKET GIVEAWAY: “Anything Goes” @ The Kennedy Center
Brandon Weight | Jun 20, 2013 | 3:00PM |

ATTENTION ALL SASSY SAILORS (and general Washingtonians, too): We’ve got 2 pairs of FREE TICKETS to the Thursday, June 27th performance of  the three-time Tony award winning, Roundabout Theater Company production “Anything Goes” at the Kennedy Center on TK. If you’ve yet to see it live, re-watch the 2011 Tony award performance in all it’s glory.

All you have to do to win is comment below with your craziest story while sailing the high seas. Swearing like a sailor a plus.


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  • Heather says:

    It was the last day of sailing camp and as tradition goes, we planned to sail the entire length of Lake Geneva. It was a “de-lovely” day when our fleet set sail and we were wished “bon voyage” that morning. But then the wind completely died out…we waited, we looked for ripples in the water that’d indicate wind, we sang some songs, we prayed for wind and we waited some more. We were stranded in the middle of the lake for hours and afraid we would be there “all through the night.” All the boats in our fleet were stuck at different parts of the lake too. Finally, my sailing instructor used the motor on his boat to get to each of us and tie our boats together so we had a train of 10 or so sailboats going across the lake. It was quite a sight!
    Lessons of that day: 1) You can’t sail without wind and 2) Shit happens sometimes. Eventually, we got to the other side of the lake. It was certainly an adventure getting there, but as I like to say (or sing) while sailing, “anything goes!”

    • Laily says:

      For you, I like #1 or #2, all depends on what type of photo you put in there.For me, we are pnianlng to go with Tiny Prints for our holiday cards this year, so we have picked out Love and Cheer–haven’t ordered yet, but pnianlng to this weekend or early next week!

  • Ashlee Brown says:

    When I was younger I went on a family vacation to the Canary Islands where one of our excursions was to ride a pirate ship around the seas. They had food, drinks, and fun games to play or watch being played. One of the games sent adults into the sea while we were anchored. It was a race around the boat. My dad decided to participate. One of the stipulations – you race around the boat with your bathing suit bottoms on your head. Here I was, this young impressionable youth (lol), watching her dad race around this boat, literally butt-ass naked.

  • Jonathan says:

    I can honestly say I’ve never driven into an auto accident, but alas, the same cannot be said of my sailing experiences. I will never forget the incredibly close call I had with danger, injury, and severe head trauma on Geneva Lake.
    A few years ago a friend and I were sailing a Force 5 on Geneva Lake, in Wisconsin. A Force 5 is about the same length as a Sunfish (~14 feet), but it’s sloop-rigged and has a roomier 2-person cockpit, unlike the Sunfish. It’s a great and superbly designed craft, but small as far as sailboats go. Anyway, like any day in August on Geneva Lake, it was a gorgeous, sunny, and windy day with perfect conditions for sailing. We were sailing across the lake in a mini flotilla of sorts; a few other friends were on sunfishes and Tom, my sailing teacher, was on his 27-foot sailboat, “The Good News.” I was skippering the Force 5 (…that should have been a warning sign in the first place) and decided to bring us close to The Good News. You know, say hi to Tom and his crew, have a chat, and see how folks were doing. So we trimmed our mainsheet, caught up with Tom’s big boat, and began sailing on a parallel tack to the starboard side of The Good News. And for a while things went fine. We talked, laughed, and continued having a grand time. What could be better than sailing on Geneva Lake on a gorgeous August day? But in an instant, things got freaky.
    Tom was skippering his boat and decided to come about (turn around) in order to tack. Problem was, I didn’t hear it when he gave his crew warnings and instructions to come about! I wasn’t paying close attention to what was going on onboard his boat and his deck was a good 5-6 higher than where I was, close to the lake’s surface. By the time I realized The Good News was coming about, I didn’t have time to do the same. I would’ve tried jibing, but we were way too close to safely do that. In vain, I shoved the tiller towards our sail and windward side, trying to come about with The Good News, but it was too late. The Good News slammed into our 14 foot boat, we completely capsized, Coban (my friend and sailing mate for the day) and I were knocked out of the Force 5 and into the lake by the impact, and we heard the delightful sound of fiberglass scraping fiberglass as The Good News sailed OVER our boat, Coban, and me.
    Thank the Lord no one was hurt. In sailing accidents, it is all too possible to smash one’s head on a boom, a mast, a moving gunwale, or get choked by a stray sheet or tangled halyard. Coban and I got dunked into the cold lake water and sailed over by a 27-foot boat, but we were unhurt. Deeply shaken, but unhurt. After checking that each other was fine and uninjured, Coban and I swam to the same side of the Force 5, grabbed the daggerboard in the center, stuck our toes on the gunwale, and pulled to bring the boat rightside-up. Even though the incident was my fault, Tom was profusely apologetic and immediately jibed to sail back to check on us. At the end of the day, when we brought the boat back to shore, de-rigged her, turned it over on the beach, and looked at the hull, there was a telltale streak of blue paint, scraped from the hull of The Good News.
    Despite this evidence to the contrary, I am a decent sailor who knows—usually—what he’s doing on a sailboat. But what can I say? Shit on ships happens. And I would say that all involved had a powerful lesson in “fiberglass attraction,” a little-known (and fake) phenomenon coined by Tom, which explains the almost magnetic attraction fiberglass boats have towards other fiberglass boats. I may have left that day with an extremely frightening experience and an unplanned swim in the brisk waters of Geneva Lake, but I also got a great story… and a bit of blue paint on the hull of my friend’s Force 5!

  • Daniel says:

    Never told this story before. A decade ago, I went on a Disney Cruise with my family. ‘The Lion King’ was the musical being performed on-board, and the cast was dressed per usual in their extraordinarily eccentric costumes. Around 2am, hours after the performance and my family had gone to sleep, I was wandering around the silent boat when I heard people yelling down the hall from where I was. The door was slightly open, and being the curious guy with no boundaries that I was (or still am?), I opened the door. Alas, I found two of the actors from ‘The Lion King’ – doing it doggy style…in costume.

  • Anonymous says:

    On a trip last summer, we got caught in storm and the boat overturned!. Luckily another boat was able to pick us up and help us to shore!

  • Molly says:

    On a cruise I accidentally walked onto the nude-tanning deck…and my grandma was up there.