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NYC’s Van Leeuwen partnered with eco-friendly comforter company Buffy this past Friday to bring a 4.20 pop-up to the Lower East Side. Buffy provided the snuggle supplies, while Van Leeuwen offered droplets of CBD oil on both vegan and non-vegan ice cream sundaes. In theory, it was meant to be the most relaxing experience of all time. Did that pan out in real life? Mmm…maybe for some people, but not for yours truly.

Before Friday, I’d never had CBD oil. I sometimes house sit for friends whose elderly cat takes drops of it in her heavily medicated food, but other than that, I’ve rarely come into contact with the stuff. Before the taste test, I knew it was supposed to be helpful in treating things like chronic pain and anxiety, providing a relaxing body high without any of the psychoactive side effects associated with THC. Since I am very bad at weed when it comes to not freaking the fuck out, I was already feeling very much at ease about my impending CBD oil consumption.

But while I wasn’t expecting any overwhelming physical reactions, I also wasn’t expecting nothing. And unfortunately, that’s all the Van Leeuwen sundae did to my state of relaxation – nothing. That’s not to say the sundae I ate (which was vegan cookie dough with vegan whipped cream, hot fudge and cacao nibs) wasn’t goddamn DELICIOUS! Even though it was plant-based AF, it was easily one of the best desserts I’ve eaten lately (maybe ever), and I plan to eat many more of them this summer. If they continue to offer the CBD add-in option, though, I’ll more than likely skip out.

Of course, not all CBD oils (or human bodies and therefore reactions) are created equal, and I’m not 100% sure what the concentration was in the case of Van Leeuwen’s go-to brand. Apparently other guests who ate the sundaes claimed they really felt the effects, but part of me wonders if that can’t be attributed to psychosomatic reactions and/or a lack of understanding about what to expect from CBD oil. I do know that generally the effects are supposed to be subtle, although I’d assume a change (even if mild) would have been apparent to me had it occurred. I didn’t feel more or less relaxed, I just felt exactly the same. Since this was my first encounter, I haven’t completely written off CBD oil. (That would be stupid.) It’s definitely something I’d like to play around with more (maybe up the dosage), but for the time being, I’ll stick to plain sundaes and things like naps to keep my cortisol levels in check.