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By Haywood Turnipseed Jr. He’s a very funny Bentzen Ball alum and can be seen on Saturday, March 1 at the Howard Theatre as part of the BYT Super Sampler. He’s also a father of young boys so he watches a lot of Sesame Street.

I was watching Sesame Street with the boys this week when I had an epiphany: ‘C’ is for The Cookie Monster!

This week on Sesame Street, The Cookie Monster has shown his chops, literally and figuratively, teaching us the meaning of OmNomNom!!! OmNomNom!!! Have fun. Stay focused. Listen. Learn. Identify the cookie. Smell the cookie. Stay true to your vision. In a nutshell, devour all that life has to offer. Om Nom Nom Nom!!!

This week Sesame Street featured The Cookie Monster’s, cover of hit songs by Carly Rae Jensen and Icona Pop and a showcase of movie parodies by his new movie production company’s, Cookie’s Crumby Pictures. Crumby Pictures has parodied James Bond films, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, The Karate Kid and more. Cookies’ version is called The Biscotti Kid, and it features The Karate Squid, and is totally awesome. The Biscotti Kid teaches school readiness, and all of Cookie’s movies have similar themes: focus, task, persistence, sharing and delayed gratification (which I can practice with Mommy :)).

The Cookie Monster even starred in a sketch, where Extra’s Mario Lopez, outed Cookie for eating vegetables. Going so far, as to report that The Cookie Monster was changing his name to The Veggie Monster. The Cookie Monster had to explain that this was problem because as The Cookie Monster he has endorsements, and they might not understand his change in opinion, on food. The goes ye ole Cookie Monster again, promoting tolerance. He didn’t get upset, he just explained, in a calm way, why it’s not good make assumptions, nor is it good to gossip and gossip based on assumptions, is bad, very baaad!

A few years back The Cookie Monster submitted an audition tape to Saturday Night Live, with the hope, that he could someday be a celebrity guest host. Well I say, that that day is today; The Cookie Monster after 44 seasons showcasing his versatility, and durability, he should be considered as a guest host on SNL; get with the times SNL, Muppets’ are everywhere. And The Cookie Monster is so much cooler than Elmo. Who else could remake The Hunger Games as The Hungry Games and Les Miserables as Les Mousserables and make it work? Not only should he be hosting SNL, The Cookie Monster should have his own plaque in the Cookie Hall of Fame; the Girl Scouts won’t approve his bust. Get with the time Girl Scouts; don’t be like SNL, Muppets are everywhere!

It’s good to see The Cookie Monster stretch his acting chops again. Fans of Sesame Street will remember a time when The Cookie Monster was under the guise of Alistair Cookie, hosted Monsterpiece Theater and presented such classics like Twin Beaks, 1 Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Upstairs/Downstairs with Grover in the lead role.

It’s nice to know that The Cookie Monsters’ love of movies, is still just as ravenous as his love of cookies, even if he is learning self ‘C’ontrol, or as Cookie says it, “How to ‘C’ontrol meself,”  like he did in The Life of Whoopie Pie where we learned self-talk and memorization. Which reminds me, it’s time for cookies, they start with ‘C’ – OmNomNomNom!!!