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Brightest Young Things knows that it’s just not a party without gay men (and some girl-on-girl action). So, in order to construct the most colossal New Year’s Eve party in town, BYT has turned over its space-themed dance floor (one of several that evening) to Washington’s hottest gay DJs and party promoters to make 2010: A Space Fantasy the premier New Year’s destination for gay D.C.

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“Gays can drink $45 of liquor in just 45 minutes, so having that price for admission and an all-night open bar (and not just the cheap stuff) is a major score,” says Shea Van Horn host of the popular gay Mixtape, RAW and Maison parties. Van Horn and others will be using their DJ skills to helm the festivities in the space room that night.

Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-16 Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-3 Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-25 Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-29 Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-31

“BYT’s party at the Capitol Skyline Hotel is already going to be the top destination for gay hipsters and their friends on New Year’s Eve, so we decided to go all-out and thank the patronage of our gay guests by pulling in some of the most creative gay nightlife talent that we could find,” says Mike A., the co-collaborator of BYT’s new BYGays project. “It’s not as if we’re segregating our gay guests into one room – everyone will be mixing with everybody on all the dance floors. It’s just that we’re using our space room as a perfect place to mash-up some of the best DJs from the hottest gay parties around town like Mixtape and Pink Sock.”

Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-30 Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-23Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-30

The BYGays team has fully embraced its chosen theme of Come to Dance. Stay to Get It On. “This is an amazing opportunity. It’s not like we have a single gay bar at our disposal. We have an entire hotel!” says Mike A. “At what other New Year’s party are you going to have cute guys stripping down to their underwear for a polar bear plunge in the outdoor pool, or gay after-parties happening in hotel suites on multiple floors just above the dance floor?  This is where you need to be.”

In order to prep you for New Year’s Eve, BYT turns its soft-lighting onto just a few of our awesome and talented guests.

Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-19Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-61

Featured DJ Shea Van Horn (Mixtape) – In just over a year, Shea Van Horn has virtually cemented his reputation as the premier gay DJ in Washington, DC. Highly sought after for both mainstream straight and gay events, the title is not something the humble Van Horn would embrace himself. “Maybe second runner up,” says Van Horn. “But, it’s a great sense to feel that people enjoy my parties and the type of music that I play.”

“New Year’s parties often get a bad reputation for being all hype with little follow-through,” says Van Horn. “But, what we’ve done differently is construct a party with interesting DJs, visuals and special guests that actually delivers.”

Van Horn says that he is combing through the 2009 set lists of his various parties (which include wildly popular events Mixtape, RAW and the new French-music night Maison) to identify the tracks that really made his crowds go crazy. “I’ll be playing sets that are energetic, fun and sexy-hot-grindable since we all want to be in the mood to make out on New Year’s Eve.”

Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-28Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-41

Featured DJ Ryan Duncan a.k.a. DJRAD (Pink Sock) – Two months into his popular, monthly party Pink Sock at the Wonderland Ballroom in Columbia Heights, Ryan Duncan isn’t afraid to employ a flair for over-the-top nightlife theatrics. He’s supplied his party guests with leaked Playgirl photos of Levi Johnston, convinced attendees to show up in pink underwear, and cobbled together a collection of the hottest underground DJs to entertain his adoring crowds (which have quickly become the largest weeknight crowds in recent memory for Wonderland).

As DJRAD, Duncan also doesn’t shy from mixing gay classics from the likes of Donna Summer and Stevie Nicks into his sets. “Gay D.C. has become so post-gay that we’ve actually started to come full circle again and embrace our old-school gay scene without shame,” says Duncan. “If we’re all having fun, why not mix some campy disco into new stuff?”

New Year’s to Duncan is all about having a good time. “There’s no other holiday where your only responsibility is to get drunk and party with your friends and you get a day off after to recover,” says Duncan. “Our dance floor will have the feel of a group of gays taking over a straight club and throwing a ridiculously fun party. Tons of hot, sexy boys and girls dancing together…fabulous straight friends…basically a destination where you can go, have a great time and get laid.”

Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-64Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-80 Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-83 Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-82 Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-89

What You Can Expect

“Whatever type of gay you are, you will have a great time here,” says Mike A. “And you’ll have a blast if you’re straight. I come from the punk scene and I love the alternative gay nightlife in this town. We’ll certainly have a critical mass of gay hipsters at this party, but you’ll feel just as comfortable and entertained at our event if you’re an old-school gay who loves Madonna and Cher. We’re building this for everyone and this is a mash-up for us all.”

Purchase your $45, all-you-can-drink, open-bar tickets here.

While the DJs in the space room will be male (including a set by gay-friendly and awesome Autorock), BYT is also building the dance floor as a place for the ladies. Bringing in BYGays’ Lesbian-In-Chief Deb, the team looks to construct a well-rounded party.

Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-109 Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-104 Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-110 Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-69 Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-97 Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-71

“We’ll have outrageous costumes, danceable punk and disco classics and a few surprise performers,” says Mike A. “We won’t confine it to our own dance floor and we won’t keep it solely for the gays.”

When asked what appeal a gay-staffed room would have for straight guests, BYGays co-collaborator Mike A. offers some advice. “Dude, hot girls love gay guys. If you’re smart then you’ll hang around with us. Oh, and there won’t be any ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs on our gay after parties upstairs later that night either. Everyone’s welcome.”

BYT’s 2010: A Space Fantasy at the Capitol Skyline Hotel is Washington’s premier New Year’s Eve party for gay D.C. and their straight friends. Purchase your all-you-can-drink, open-bar tickets for only $45 by clicking here (at-the-door tickets increase to $80).

Come to Dance, Stay to Fuck-112

Hey Girl: Join the gays for all the fun by purchasing your ticket here.
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