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We welcome any opportunity to be reminded just what a vibrant, resilient, creative city D.C. is, so when our friends from KQED/PBS shared that the first episode of their documentary series “If Cities Could Dance”, which premiered this AM (see it below) centers around a crew of dancers who are working to keep the legacy of Go-Go music and Beat Ya Feet dance traditions alive in a rapidly gentrifying DC, we KNEW we had to share it. The episode takes you to “ground zero of the people-powered #DontMuteDC movement, through the bustling hub of the Howard-Shaw district and to the iconic Go-Go mural in Anacostia”.

BONUS! The KQED team also including special features: listen to a music playlist featuring songs by go-go music greats hand-curated by the dancers in this episode. From Anacostia’s iconic go-go murals to the historic Howard Theatre, take a virtual tour to the locations featured in this episode of If Cities Could Dance.


Lets make sure everyone sees this, help them spread the word: Catch new episodes of If Cities Could Dance on KQED Arts’ YouTube, Facebook and Instagram every other Tuesday.