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Sometimes we use stock photos at BYT. They can be incredibly useful if we need to fill in the gaps between our original photography and most of the time they look pretty okay. Stock photos have come a long way in 2019. There are now a ton of hip stock photo websites that give you 100% free access to sleek photography that won’t look like total garbage next to your own photos.

Because we spend more time looking at stock photos than we used to, we’ve noticed an alarming trend. The woman laughing and eating a salad is gone. The woman making her partner follow her has disappeared. The new stock photo woman is facing the shore line and her arms are up in the air. Is she celebrating a victory at sea? Is she giving up on life and succumbing to the call of the void? Who can say. It doesn’t matter. Ocean arms woman is everywhere. I hope she can put her arms down someday.

(As a note, we spent max 10 minutes finding these photos and only used one stock photo website. These are everywhere. Including your best friend’s Instagram.)

Succumbing to the void

Celebrating a sea victory

Communing with Cthulu

Listening to “Boat Drinks”

Considering the coast

Hacking the planet

Absorbing the ocean

Seizing the sea

Instructing the expanse

Dismantling the drink

Supercharging the splash

Supersizing the swell

Unveiling the aqua

Dashing the deep

Diving into Davy Jones’ locker