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We consider ourselves to be brunch experts. Every year, we publish a comprehensive brunch guide that requires months of brunching. I’m even a member of a bottomless brunch club. My brunching skills are so good that I can even sniff out brunch opportunities that are hiding as something else. Most recently, I went in to sample the high tea at the Four Seasons and it was clear to me from beginning to end: this tea is really a brunch.

So what makes the high tea at the Four Seasons qualify as a brunch? Well first of all, free flowing Moet. It may be one of the priciest bottomless champagne options in the city at $70, but if you are tired of getting a nasty headache from cheap bubbles at most brunch places, it’s time to upgrade to Moet. Your glass will literally never be empty; service is impeccable and staff will refill your glass minutes after each sip.


Second of all, the bread basket. All good brunches come with a bread basket and the Four Seasons fills theirs with buttery scones and lemon pastries, complete with clotted cream, lemon curd and raspberry jam. There is quite literally no better pairing than one of their flaky scones and a glass of effervescent Moet.


Third, the three-course menu. As noted this is a bottomless brunch experience, which means along with the champagne you will enjoy three courses of food, all pre-selected by the chef. The main course includes a variety of sandwiches, salads and toasts. On the day I went, we sampled mini cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, fried zucchini served on a bed of hummus, quinoa toast with guacamole, stuffed gougeres, crackers topped with salmon and quail eggs and more.

And finally, dessert. Brunch would not be complete without a sweet dish. At the Four Seasons, the dessert is as fancy as the venue. You will be presented with a platter of mini hazelnut cakes, financiers, cookies and mini golden cups filled with custard and berries.

If you aren’t convinced yet, here is the most persuasive reason of all: everyone leaves a bottomless brunch stuffed to the gills and drunk as as skunk. This will happen to you at the Four Seasons. You can call it a high tea or you can call it a brunch; the point is this a D.C. experience you don’t want to miss.

Reservations are available every Saturday from 2-4 p.m.