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Josh Androsky is a glorious comic both on the Internet and in the world. He’s hilarious and socially conscious plus when he was 22 he wrote and produced FOX’s New Year’s Eve Live which is amazing. Scott Weiland was there. Drugs. Because he’s an angel and a politically aware human being he has made it his current mission to get blocked by Ted Cruz on Twitter by way of Planned Parenthood donations snarkily dedicated to Ted Cruz. The world is a beautiful place.

BYT: How did all of this start?

Josh Androsky: I don’t know how this happened but I was blocked by Scientology and you would think to be blocked by something as annoyingly evil as them, I would at least remember what I did but I have NO idea what I did.


You weren’t Tweeting at them a lot?

I maybe Tweeted at them once. There was this great thing I saw…I dated a girl whose uncle was involved in Scientology so they sent her two letters. One was an invitation to an event at this big amphitheater by Universal Studios and it said on it “The Event Will Begin With The Sound of The Thundering Horseman.”

Like of the apocalypse?

I assume so. I don’t know when else thundering horsemen are appropriate, especially after Labor Day. The second letter they sent her was years later at a new address and she didn’t tell her uncle or them where she moved so they found her new address somehow. The letter was on Scientology letterhead and it just said “Dear Adrienne,” and in the middle it was blank forever then it just said “Where Are You?” So I Tweeted about that and they blocked me and this hashtag came up, something about show off who your most proud of blocking you. It was actually really fun. I clicked on it and searched around and it was people displaying proudly who was blocking them. And there were some dicks who said people like Lindy West but there were all these guys who trolled all these people and I got really into it and I posted my Scientology thing. Then this dude Eric Ohlsen, who’s on the Todd Glass Show, he commented on the Scientology post. He was like “Dude I’ve ben trying to get blocked by Ted Cruz so hard and he won’t block me.” He challenged me to a bet and it was if I can get Ted Cruz to block me he’ll donate $100 to the charity of my choice and it was instantaneous for me, definitely Planned Parenthood.

How long has this been happening?

I believe today is the 13th day of the challenge. And I was like “This is great, here’s another fucking Muppet Republican squawking about shit he knows nothing about,” and that’s been a crazy crazy eye-opening part of this whole thing. As politically as I get as involved as I get, I do…I guess for my own sanity, keep myself away from these anti-choice anti-women trolls online. I keep myself away from them a lot. I do not engage.

It’s dark. I’ve been lost in many a comment thread and I realize some of these people really want women dead.

Seriously! For somebody who calls themselves pro-life they really act like they want half the population dead.

Some of them must like sex with women so they do realize if we’re all gone so goes all the things you must also, on some level, like about us. Even if it’s a shitty base level.

I would not be surprised if the majority of anti-choice creeps and those people who Tweet shit at women…women will donate money, send me a screenshot and then some dude who’s like underscore Paul Revere who has literally 0 followers compares her to a Nazi and not me. They’ll go after the women who donate not me the fucking Jew who is rounding up the campaign. I’m doing all the bad stuff in their eyes and they still go after the women and it has to be, at least a little bit, that they are so bad at making women love them. They’re probably incapable of sex because there’s no Mountain Dew involved in sex. These guys are just nightmare people. Just seeing the fake bullshit…I don’t know if they believe it or not. Either they believe it and they’re just sad, dumb, unfortunate examples of a terrible school system and a government that preys on the uncurious or they fucking don’t believe what they’re saying and they’re just being complete assholes because they’re mad at women. Literally people will Tweet that Planned Parenthood dismembered live babies and I was like what?

I was just reading, again, about the House putting together another hearing to try to defund Planned Parenthood and I was like is this 1984? Do you really think that is happening at Planned Parenthood? Do you really think one of the largest nonprofits in this country is selling baby parts?

Do you really think that, and there’s this really weird new current hate that I found where they’re trying to use the liberal love for all people and hatred of systemic racism and the oppression of black people against us by saying Planned Parenthood kills black people.

They had to ask themselves who they hate more. They had to say “Am I more sexist or racist?” And I guess they decided they’re more sexist than racist.

They had to make a choice

That’s the only choice they’ll make. ROASTED.

This issue is so dominated by the conservative voice, the issue of being pro choice in America is dominated by the conservative male voice. It’s the one that’s the loudest. It’s the one that gets on the news and there is nothing that’s less funny than a conservative male who’s yelling about something and so the whole point of all this shit is to raise money and awareness for Planned Parenthood through humor. The whole thing wouldn’t have happened without this woman Michelle Dash. Fucking Eric challenged me to be an asshole but it would have just been me being an asshole without this woman saying “You know what, if he doesn’t block you I’ll put down $100 a day for 15 days.” She’s the reason why this is all happening. At first it was just my friends but it wasn’t until Michelle did that bet that someone found out you can personalize the donations and that’s when it took off. The fact that this conversation is so dominated by unfunny conservative men I feel like a lot of smart people who are like “Yeah I get it Planned Parenthood is good,” don’t get how fucked up this whole thing is. A way to bring attention to how fucked up this McCarthyesque plot to get rid of the number one women’s health organization in America is using humor. There’s no coincidence why my generation watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report to get our literal news because the other news is dominated by aggressive conservative voices and it’s not funny and it’s not cool. These people that are anti-choice they take what Andrew Breitbart’s shitty ghost says so literally I’m surprised they haven’t joined a shitty cult but if they did join a cult it would have the worst music.





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