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1. by God, it actually does feel like winter.

2. movie night at Palace of wonders continues. With Vampiros Lesbos, no less. For free, no less. Hug Matt Berger when you see him next, no less.

3. Crooked Beat continues to win us over with A FREE SHOW BY KRISTIN HERSH (of Throwing Muses Fame) IN STORE. Also, if we say so ourselves, some of the best staff in a record store we ever laid our eyes and ears on.

4. You have the choice of having a very high quality local show weekend on your precious little (and big hands)
starting with the sure to be a crow pleaser Wash Social club/ These United states/ Lets french show at the black cat. And yes, no place is more fun than The Cat on a cold Friday night. And you know it. Not to mention the Jette-Ives CD release show and the
Brice Woodall/Nunchucks gathering.

5. Or if you have dancing on your mind the 4th saturday does inevitable bring the dreaded but high QUALITY face off of:
Nouveau Riche (back at DC9, fires be damned, still free before 10, with free sparks before 10 (that are, YES, alcoholic) and still VERY AWESOME and
(still at Black Cat, with Will and Cale guesting and still very guilty-pop-dance-around-pleasures wonderful)

6. And …. doing the right thing and attending the Cal Robbins benefit show at the Hosiery.

7. there is more. we promise. we will just let you make your own plans accordingly. and your shoes too.