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Songbyrd is throwing a free preview party for LCD Soundsystem’s American Dream. Head on over if you want to hear the album before all your friends. Or just invite your friends. Your call.

Go eat a burger at Slash Run and catch Rebel Set and Thee Lexington Arrows.

Hang out with Pharaoh Haqq and catch The Brother From Another Planet.

Come hang out with BYT founder Svetlana Legetic at the Ann Taylor on Connecticut Ave! She’ll be there from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and there will be cocktails, snacks and jean sales!

#202Creates opening night is at Decades! Go out and celebrate D.C.’s creative culture.

See the Hive at night! I bet it looks even cooler!

If you need a little more art in your life, make your way over to Hamiltonian to catch an artist talk by Paolo Morales and Nara Park.

  • A hundred people are spending their day dressed up as dinosaurs to protest AmeriCorps budget cuts. But also… could we just have this everyday?

  • If you’re a human with a car in D.C., you spend on average 65 hours a year trying to find parking in this city. I wish I never knew this fact. This is really ruining my day.
  • Does the Newseum deserve to die?