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Welcome to Restaurant Week. 250 restaurants are participating. We picked 17.

The Woodridge Library is having a panel discussion about go-go featuring BYT friend Marcus Dowling! It should be fun and informative. Go.

Mary J. Blige is at the National Harbor if you feel like making the drive.

Go see Othello for free at The Shakespeare Theatre Company. You need a little more culture in your life.

Hit up Black Cat to see Lisa Said release their new EP with Olivia & The Mates and Park Snakes.

Swing by Comet for some pizza and a Witch Coast show.

The Bike Club is meeting at Glen’s Garden Market if you’re looking to bike / grocery shop with strangers.

  • We are living inside of the Matrix from the Matrix and The Ringer can prove it. Follow the money. And by the money, I mean acclaimed artist Pitbull.

  • A smart phone app has been certified as a form a birth control in the EU and if that doesn’t prove we are officially in The Future I don’t know what does.
  • Metro trains are getting slower to “reduce power draw” or whatever the hell that means. Mainly, it’s going to take you longer to get where you’re going and Metro is essentially lighting the current train schedule on fire.