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As we all know, a little bit of LNS watching has made for many a fun time wasted on BYT.
I mean:

And just as I, seriously, almost forgot about them, Wonkette (who’s been in rather dull liveblogging waters lately it being election year and all) busts out with this gem:

I am simply copying and pasting but I don’t feel bad because that is all they did too.
BEHOLD (also awesome: the show last night at the Cat they’re talking about-you WERE there):

OMFG, the Late Night Shots douchebags have suddenly realized their gals are kind of dumb and bland, and now the LNS doods have developed a collective boner for pretty hipster girls at the Black Cat and Rock ‘n Roll Hotel! But how will the LNS guys disguise their doucheness while trying to get some indie chick action? Read the tragic discussion, after the jump.

Hipster Girls
Posted By: Skinny Jeans on 05-16-2008 07:39 am Report as shockingly offensive Poster Rating: 4.13

I know this topic was brought up and discussed at length a month or so ago, but after getting out of Georgetown and hitting the Black Cat for a show last night, I have determined the ultimate talent level on hipster girls is just higher than the average LNS girl. Perhaps they do not dress as well or have the breeding or education, but so many of these girls were just straight up better looking than just about any female you would run into out in Georgetown or SP. Sorry ladies. Anyone have advice/experience on dating these characters? Should I just get ultra-slim jeans and talk about music and how much I hate my job? I want some…….

RE: Hipster Girls
Posted By: hipsters are not my on 05-16-2008 09:42 am Report as shockingly offensive Poster Rating: 4.27

cup of tea, but a comparison of the average prep vs the average hipster is stupid.

There’s ugly people in both crowds, and there’s bad dressers in both crowds. I mean come on, a 150 lb 5’3″ preppie squeezed into a Lilly is not a pretty sight.

Also, I would have to say that hipsters on the average probably have a better education. Look at the average LNS girl. She probably graduated from Rollins or CofC, where she was trying to get an MRS degree.

but okay, let’s get to the helpful part. You wanna date a hipster, and you think you can do it by wearing ultra-slim jeans and talking about music… Well if you do this normally, I guess go for it. If not, then best of luck. I have a feeling a hipster can smell a poser a mile away; whereas the LNS crowd is full of posers. Ugh, well I guess the hipster crowd is full of posers also… come to think of it.

So uh, I don’t really have any useful advice… I guess other than be a nice and fun person. This works with all sorts of people.

RE: Hipster Girls
Posted By: advice on 05-16-2008 09:46 am Report as shockingly offensive Poster Rating: 4.72

Don’t try to be fake, you won’t succeed and they can see through it. You may have success if you tone down the preppy just a little but still sell yourself as preppy overall. They might want you as some sort of ironic experience. Most of these girls turned to hipsterism because preppy boys like you never took them to prom, so they may secretly harbor a desire to date an all-american boy.

I’m not really in agreement about the more attractive part as most hipster girls seem to do whatever they can to make themselves as unattractive as possible, but perhaps you like their lithe, vegan bodies.

RE: Hipster Girls
Posted By: OP on 05-16-2008 10:00 am Report as shockingly offensive Poster Rating: 5.07

Yes, I love the lithe, vegan bodies and then are just some absolutely stunning ones in the face. Also have a slight fetish for arm tats on them (gross i know, would NEVER marry one for the record).

So, on to the advice. Where do these girls hang out? What bars? I hear rock and roll hotel is one, what else?

RE: Hipster Girls
Posted By: advice on 05-16-2008 10:06 am Report as shockingly offensive Poster Rating: 4.71

They hangout mostly at other people’s houses or in “art spaces.” Check out blogs for local bands and parties.

You can find them at the Black Cat, Wonderland, The Red Derby, The Raven, etc- your average hipster bars. DC9 is also a place they go to get really drunk on Friday nights.

RE: Hipster Girls
Posted By: Page 1 DC Forum on 05-16-2008 10:09 am Report as shockingly offensive Poster Rating: 4.08


RE: Hipster Girls
Posted By: Clive Driscoll on 05-16-2008 10:09 am Report as shockingly offensive Poster Rating: 5.81

“Advice” is correct about where they hang out. As has been said many times before on the forum, if you want to attract a hipster you can’t act as though you’re too excited about your “life situation.” With hipsters, alluding to a rough childhood and an absentee father are to trust fund references with the Smith Point crowd.

now you know

p.s. thank you becca for the title.