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In honor of National Pet Day we’re publishing some of our favorite animal anecdotes. Wishing you and your hairy friend a happy holiday.

As a female human, one of my irrational-but-maybe-not-so-irrational fears is being pregnant without knowing it. I say “irrational-but-maybe-not-so-irrational” because it’s a highly unlikely scenario, but then also THERE IS THAT WHOLE DAMN TV SHOW. And I learned last year that you can apply that irrational-but-maybe-not-so-irrational fear to dogs, too.

A friend of mine texted me one day to say that a friend of hers from high school had adopted a second dog as a companion for the OG, and that the new dog was pregnant unbeknownst to everyone. They didn’t figure it out until the dog was ACTUALLY HAVING PUPPIES in their flippin’ apartment a few days after they adopted her.

Can you even imagine? It’s one thing to adjust to a new dog in your home, but watching puppies shoot out onto your bathroom floor is next level WTF. Like, you have to become a DOG MIDWIFE and just roll with it! Which is exactly what they did, and they got three very cute (if very unexpected) puppies out of it.

And what became of them? Well, they were all adopted to great homes! This should come as no surprise to anyone who pays top dollar for minimal square footage in NYC; even though the dog was small, and the puppies (presumably) would grow up to be petite, too, there was just no way they could keep five bork buddies under one roof.

The mom dog lives on as a true legend in the household.

I’d show you pictures of all the cute weirdness, but the owner wanted to remain anonymous. SO. We will respect that and keep a low profile.

Obviously this is a bizarre story. I’m sure it does happen from time to time, but out of the roughly eight billion people I know who’ve adopted dogs, this is the only story I’ve personally heard about. So don’t let the prospect of surprise puppies deter you from adopting not shopping! (And if you DO somehow end up with a winner, then just think of it as a fun added bonus! Anyone can instantly become a birthing expert in 2019 thanks to YouTube tutorials and the internet at large!)