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This has long since been lost to the BYT archives, but I wanted to bring it back from the dead with some updates to promote the upcoming show at Civilian Art Projects with Pwrfl Power and Apes.


These Are Powers consist of Anna Barie (Knife Skills, Fxxxing Lion), Pat Noecker (n0 things, Liars), and Bill Salas (Brenmar) and they like to call their music “Ghost Punk”, which is the coolest genre name I’ve ever heard.

We have a pair of tickets to give away, go here for the details.

They released their first full length after a couple EP’s entitled “Terrific Seasons” through HOSS Records last year. We have a couple tracks here for your listening pleasure with some commentary from Anna.

Brightest Young Things: You guys are so cute:

Press Pic by Rod Searcey

Did you “meet cute”?

Anna Barie: Momma don’t like ugly, apparently.

BYT: Right.  So tell us about the song “You Come with Nothing”

AB: This is our soundtrack to a Buddhist Spaghetti Western where a political refugee hides out in a monastery and a cab driver predicts aliens will put volcanoes to sleep. Meanwhile, slide guitar magically transforms into sitar, the bass croaks like a gigantic parapsychedelic frog and drums palpitate like a meth-addled rabbit heart.

BYT: If you had played our covers-only re-launch party a while back which 3 songs would you have chosen?

AB: I’d pick “Popcorn” by Hot Butter, Pat’s choice is “Kids in America” by Kim Wilde, and Bill is gonna go with “Follow the Leader” by Eric B & Rakim

BYT: BYT approves. Next up we have Little Sisters of Beijing.

Download MP3

AB: A love song for Edward Burtynsky centerfolds. Globalization is fun again!

BYT: What is the worst meal you’ve ever had?

AB: Recently it was deep-fried oysters in Chinatown. They served it up as a mound of about 20 batter-dipped critters with a little bowl of salt. The waiter explained that salt is like the Chinese version of lemon. It was like eating gym socks filled with wet clay.

BYT: Pleasant.  Last but not least, Shells for a Dead Chief:

AB: Straight up war party rap with sexy tandem boy-girl yowling.

BYT: Which power would you rather have: Tune an instrument by simply touching it or be able to make a small puff of smoke like a magician when you snapped you fingers?

AB: Small puff of purple smoke when we fart.

BYT: Technically that was not an option, but I’m always down for fart jokes.