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Guys, my brain is imploding REAL HARD at the moment. If you haven’t pounded all thirteen episodes of OITNB S4, then most definitely stop reading this right now // it’s not going to be THE most spoiler-y thing you’re in danger of reading about this season’s plot, but all the same, come back at a later date when you’re fully prepared to have your MIND. BLOWN. (I mean it. GET OUT OF HERE WHILE YOU CAN!)

I’m not sure if it’s news to me or whether others of you will ALSO be surprised to learn that Jolene Purdy, who plays Hapakuka (Piper’s temporary bodyguard) in this season of OITNB, ALSO PLAYED CHERITA CHEN IN DONNIE DARKO. Like, WHAT EVEN…WHAT EVEN IS HAPPENING?!

THINGS DID NOT GET BETTER FOR CHERITA. IN FACT, THEY GOT WORSE. (Although holy wow, she hasn’t aged a day!)

Did Cherita figure out how to time travel?! Is that time machine in the laundry room really a portal to the year 1988 in suburban Virginia?! IS LORI PETTY AKA LOLLY WHITEHILL REALLY ROBERTA SPARROW AKA GRANDMA DEATH?! AND CAN WE GET POUSSEY BACK?! I have so many questions that need answering. In the meantime, I’ll be listening to the Donnie Darko soundtrack for the rest of the day…