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You might have more time than usual over the next couple of weeks to get caught up on all the YouTube you’ve missed over the years, and THERE IS A LOT. Here are some of our top recommendations for fun stuff, food stuff, travel stuff and everything in between:


Monster Factory – It doesn’t matter if you love video games or you haven’t touched one in a decade, Monster Factory is a true delight. Nothing makes me laugh more than this video series. Absolutely nothing. Starring Griffin and Justin McElroy (of My Brother, My Brother and Me fame), Monster Factory has them pushing the limits of video game character creation in ways that are 100% absurd and 100% hilarious. Just give it a go, their back catalogue is rich and filled with gems. -Kaylee Dugan

Cut – For a channel that’s called “Cut”, it feels p. uncut! Nothing is off limits in their arsenal of content, which includes series like Truth or Drink, Fear Pong and The Line-Up (which is where they ask people to make assumptions about people from a line-up, and it’s always incredibly uncomfortable in like, a good way, if that makes sense). Really bonkers, really fun, if you’re not subscribed DO IT. – Megan Burns

Alexa Chung – I LOVE Alexa Chung’s YouTube channel, largely because I LOVE Alexa Chung! Fashion content that doesn’t take itself too seriously is the best kind of fashion content, and it’s all here. Great unpretentious inspo, highly recommended. (Even though I predict we will all be wearing grimy sweatpants and/or hazmat suits for a while.) – Megan Burns

D’Angelo Wallace – I didn’t think I cared about YouTube drama until I started watching D’Angelo Wallace’s videos and now I know exactly as much as I want to know (and not a second more). Wallace’s 10 minute videos break down all of the tomfoolery happening on YouTube without feeding into the drama beast. Wallace is shrewd, clever and really funny. No one escapes his sarcastic sense of humor, but he also knows when to get serious. His channel is an all encompassing take down of YouTube’s worst players (including the platform itself). -Kaylee Dugan

Pushing Up Roses – I stumbled on Pushing Up Roses when I was doing some kind of retro Nickelodeon search, and MY GOD. What a delight! She recaps episodes of all our old favorites, from Goosebumps to Golden Girls to Murder She Wrote, pointing out how absolutely bonkers cheesy and/or bizarre the plot lines were, and it makes me mega-LOL. Maybe you will mega-LOL, too! – Megan Burns

Safiya Nygaard – This woman jumped off the Buzzfeed ship at the right time and has been making charmingly low stress videos on her personal YouTube page ever since. If you’ve always wanted to know what would happen if you mixed every lipstick at Sephora together, this channel is for you. If you’re curious about the $5 clothes you can buy on Wish, this channel is for you. And if you’ve been wondering what it’s like to buy an abandoned storage unit, this channel is definitely 100% for you. Nygaard tries out a lot of weird shit, but none of it ever feels too stressful or too weird. -Kaylee Dugan

Jenna Marbles – What feels like 800 years later and Jenna Marbles is still going as strong (and borderline insanely) as ever! She’s got 20M+ subscribers by now, so it’s likely that none of what I’m about to tell you is news, but you know what? HER VIDEOS BRING ME JOY BECAUSE THEY ARE SO WEIRD. So we’re gonna give her a shout-out again right now! If you’re down to clown with someone who makes hot air balloons for her dogs, cooks something called “corn on the cob but instead of the corn bone it’s a hot dog”, tries to make herself taller at age 32, dresses as a toothbrush for Halloween, etc., then this is the right place for you! – Megan Burns


Bon Appetit – Surely this is on everyone’s radar by now, but if it’s NOT, then here is me telling you to GET WITH THE TIMES! The Bon Appetit Test Kitchen is the only place I ever wanna be, watching Claire Saffitz try to make gourmet Takis, Brad Leone ferment weird shit on It’s Alive, Chris Morocco reverse engineer dishes blindfolded, etc. It’s the perfect intersection between fun and classy, which is basically everything I strive to be as an adult human. (Ask me how that’s going!) – Megan Burns

Cooking Tree – I’ve never tried cooking a single recipe I’ve watched on Cooking Tree, but it is without a doubt the most soothing cooking channel on YouTube. A mixture of ASMR and beautiful aesthetics, this is the channel you put on when every other channel fails at calming your anxiety. Pop on your headphones on so you can hear the wshhh of the whisk and the sfffft of the sugar and enjoy. -Kaylee Dugan

Alex (FKA Alex French Guy Cooking) – Alex is a delightful French man who’s trying to push the limits in the kitchen by mastering EVERYTHING! And I love him! From making beer to the perfect mashed potatoes, he goes through all the trial and error so you don’t have to. (And as an added bonus, he’s got a couple of videos that should be useful re: your apocalypse food situation.) – Megan Burns

Cocktail Chemistry – Stuck in your house with a full liquor cabinet? Then boy do I have the perfect YouTube channel for you. Cocktail Chemistry does a lot of videos recreating cocktails from pop culture, the chemist has a recipe for the “Black Yukon Sucker Punch” from Twin Peaks and the “Forget Me Shot” from The Simpsons, but the channel is also legitimately helpful for wannabe bartenders. The videos that focus on advanced cocktail practices, like how to make the best clear ice or how to properly smoke a cocktail, are full of good tips and tricks. You’ll be wowing your friends and family (after the social distancing is over) in no time. -Kaylee Dugan

Munchies – Long time fan of VICE’s Munchies channel over here, and if you’re new to it, then you’re in for a real treat of content from over the years! Most recently I’ve been into their How-To and Cooking with Farideh series, but there are some that I’ve watched a billion times from the back catalog, including Keep It Canada with Matty Matheson, Chef’s Night Out, Fuel and Munchies Guide To [Insert Country Here]. Just a lot of fun, unpretentious food ‘n drink (‘n travel) content, and I am HERE FOR IT. – Megan Burns

Breakfast With – Australian filmmaker Gracie Otto’s series Breakfast With is delightfully weird! She meets up with a variety of fascinating characters, from artist Anthony Lister to actress Phoebe Tonkin to filmmaker Tao Ruspoli to (most recently) interior designer Miv Watts, and (as advertised) has breakfast with said person of interest. Even though the episodes are all fairly brief, they’re such an interesting watch; everything is edited together in such a fun, quirky, stream-of-consciousness way, and THE TANGENTS! (P. much my dream style of interview; 2020 goals for any/all upcoming chats I conduct for BYT.) In sum, a v. nice little laid-back slice o’ life vibe with some entertaining folks, and definitely one I’d recommend you to check out ASAP! – Megan Burns

Julien Solomita’s Aries Kitchen – You know we had to throw in some vegan content, y’all! Julien Solomita (coincidentally Jenna Marbles’ boyfriend!) does a v. chaotic good series called Aries Kitchen; if you’re ever looking for approachable vegan recipes that aren’t goddamn grain bowls, he is your man! – Megan Burns


Haraxxx – This is the channel of a Korean woman living in Japan, and it’s basically just her going grocery shopping and cooking. There are English subtitles, but there’s minimal dialogue, and overall a mildly ASMR vibe. Guaranteed to lower your blood pressure! – Megan Burns

Zoe Sugg – Zoe’s probably best known for her beauty content, but it’s her dedication to Vlogmas (which is where YouTubers daily vlog at Christmastime) that keeps me coming back to the channel; if I’m doing work or feeling stressed out I’ll just let playlists of years past play in the background, because they’re v. cozy and chilled out! (WE NEED COZY AND CHILLED OUT VIBES RIGHT NOW.) – Megan Burns

Lisa Eldridge – The beauty guru community on YouTube is a whole damn thing. There’s always a ton of dramatic apologies and wild rants and a lot of content that surprisingly has nothing to do with makeup at all. Lisa Eldridge, makeup artist to the stars, is the complete opposite. Her videos are full of straightforward approaches on how to achieve certain makeup looks and deep dives into the history of makeup. These historical videos are my favorite, so even if you’re not a person who wears makeup, I recommend checking them out. Also her voice reminds me of my British grandmother and it makes me feel good. My only qualm with Eldridge’s videos is that her makeup models are not especially diverse. – Kaylee Dugan


Karen Lord – Going to the gym can be hard right now (and also any time), which is why I’ve really gotten into YouTube exercising channels. It’s much easier to hop on your yoga mat and use nothing but your bod to get into shape than wait for the elliptical to be available at the gym. The famous pilates instructor Karen Lord is my go to girl. While she doesn’t have her own channel, she has a few different workouts scattered around YouTube and they’re all very calming, without pulling a punch. My abs hurt after working out with Lord, but my mind feels much better. -Kaylee Dugan

MadFit – Loads of different workouts to choose from on MadFit’s channel, and most require no equipment, which is p. critical considering a lot of us probably don’t have a well-stocked home gym! They’re also usually nice ‘n short, I think 20 minutes is around the max, but there are lots of quickie ones set to pop jams, WHICH WE LIKE. – Megan Burns

POPSUGAR Fitness – If you’re looking for some longer workouts (because, again, we’re likely to be stuck indoors for longer than usual), POPSUGAR Fitness has a bunch that clock in between 30 minutes and an hour. There are also several boxing/kick-boxing workouts, which I imagine will be useful re: taking out your cabin fever-induced aggression!

TRAVEL STUFF (y’know, to live vicariously for a little while)

Bald & Bankrupt – This bald British man is the definition of insane. Most recently he smuggled a kitten in his pants out of Cuba on a flight back to the UK, but usually he just goes to random places that sound (generally) pretty terrifying and/or undesirable, and he just wanders around with his camera and hangs out with the locals. Like, mega props, but also v. surprised homeboy hasn’t gotten himself killed or kidnapped yet. Probably some of the more interesting travel content out there since literally no one else is covering this stuff, and v. entertaining! – Megan Burns

Wild We Roam – Dana and Lou make v. aesthetically pleasing travel videos! The bulk of their material involves building out a camper van to take around Europe, which is super satisfying to watch, especially after they finish and start using it to travel. They actually recently sold the van, and they’re working on next steps re: career, but there’s a whole treasure trove of stuff to check out from their travels in Germany, Greece, Italy, Iceland, Scotland and everywhere in between. They’re also minimalist and vegan, which could be an added bonus for any of you on similar lifestyle paths! – Megan Burns

Living Bobby – Bobby is a guy who travels all over and tries to incorporate a lot of food and budget challenges into his videos, which is pretty cool if you’re looking to get out and see the world at a discount! (He’s also legitimately one of the most smiley, positive people I think I’ve ever witnessed, so prepare yourself for that!) – Megan Burns

What are YOU subscribed to that we missed? HELP US, WE NEED ALL THE DISTRACTIONS WE CAN GET!!!


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