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Online dating sites are like lotteries. Some people win big and end up in successful relationships. But most people have terrible experiences on these sites and apps. We spoke to a few online psychics who deal with matters of the heart. Love psychics say that most women who come for sessions with them have had bad experiences with online dating sites and apps.

They feel frustrated with the guys they meet. Psychics say most men on online dating sites want to meet women for companionship, but end up repelling them instead. They say that it is high time that guys evaluate their dating behavior and realize the flaws.

Love psychics are also relationship experts who come across a myriad of problems people face every day related to their romantic life. Even though online psychics offer solutions to every kind of problem that people may face in their lives, love and relationship issues are the most prevalent issues that they deal with. According to them, these are the most common mistakes guys make that repel women who are looking for a relationship.

Acting Creepy About Sex

Psychic experts say that it is not a bad thing that people want to use dating apps for one night stands. But they should specify that on their profile. If guys want to use dating apps and sites to get laid, their profiles should not mislead women. Psychics say that it is not only men who prioritize sex on dating apps. But it makes sense as long as the intention is clear before the conservation starts.

Psychics say that women often complain about creepy guys who drop sex in conversations before even knowing the other person. According to psychics, women receive texts at the beginning of a conversation suggesting an invitation to the bedroom. Women often tell psychics that some guys are only interested in sexting and phone sex, which creeps them out and puts them off online dating.

Dating sites are built with options so that you can meet like-minded people. There are several types of dating apps that are meant for people looking for a fling, or something more specific. But men must stop using dating sites for such purposes, or should at least specify their intentions on their profiles. Psychics also say that not all of these men want to use dating apps for sex.

Some of these men look for genuine long term relationships, but they end up making these blunders. While sex is an essential aspect of every relationship, it comes after you get to know a person and build a connection. If sex is the priority for some men in choosing a partner, they must look for profiles of women who feel the same way as they do. But if a guy wants a deep and meaningful relationship, sex should not be a part of the initial stages of a conversation.

Ignoring What They Want

Online dating gives people the option to mention anything they want. Both men and women can list the things that they prioritize. However, psychics say that guys often ignore these things on a girl’s profile if they like the pictures. They may not want a kid, but they would still start a conversation or a relationship with a girl who wants children. Eventually, when the guy mentions that he doesn’t want a child, it turns out to be a deal-breaker for the girl who wants a kid in the future.

According to psychics, men often resort to such deceptive tactics to get a woman to date them, and eventually, the relationship turns sour when the girl realizes it is not what she wants. Psychics say that men should realize that pretty pictures are not one of the prerequisites of a happy relationship. Men should go through the profile carefully, and if they find mentions of likes or dislikes that do but match with theirs, they should ignore them.

Not Accepting Rejections Well

Psychic experts say that many women are put off with dating sites because the men react badly to rejections. Even when they politely declined a message, or they wanted to stop conservations after some time, guys react in foul ways. Some men react even worse when women stop responding after such nasty remarks, which makes girls want to ignore these dating sites in the future.

Psychics tell us that men need to handle rejections in a better way, be it online or in the real world. While it is true that men get rejected more than women, that does not give them the right to respond in negative ways. Psychics say that getting such responses from guys is worse than negative remarks on the real world at times.