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This week we’re finally getting a reprieve from blistering, blistering hot weather. Just yesterday, I said out loud, “Oh yeah it’s not bad out. It’s below 90. We’re good.” As if anything in the realm of 80 degrees constitutes some sort of temperate spring morning. I said “we’re good” because I meant that I wouldn’t need to bring a backup shirt to battle excessive sweat stains. I definitely sweat through the shirt anyway. But that’s beside the point! It’s kind of nicer out! So these outdoor fitness activities should be so tantalizing this week. No excuses, get to work!


Detox2Retox Yoga + Happy Hour at Colony Club

If you’ve been reading these, you’re well aware of my affinity for a little exercise topped with a celebratory beverage, or four. Here’s a new one that’s piquing my interest. This swanky little Columbia Heights cafe pub is hosting an outdoor yoga shindig. Register here, bring your own mat, and enjoy the one hour core power session at 7:30 p.m. Afterwards, you’re treated to a beverage of your choice, and then you’re welcome to have several more.

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Bicycle Maintenance Basics with REI at Wunder Garten

We’re down with bike events on The Week In Outside. There are so many good weekend group rides in D.C., and we’ve featured a lot of them. What we haven’t accounted for are the little knocks your machine might take a long the way, and the knowledge you need to keep on rolling. Thankfully, REI has you covered. Register here, make your way to REI’s awesomely renovated Wunder Garten space at 6:30 p.m., and instantly become an expert at bike mechanics. But who knows, maybe you’re already an expert with chains and lube?



Free Pilates Class with Golden Triangle TriFit

Thursday brings you another staple in our Week in Outside series. Golden Triangle DC has had a great amount of success with their three-day-a-week free fitness classes. Their Pilates class, led by Vivian Thurman, is among the most popular. Meet at 5:30 p.m. in Farragut Park, bring your mat and hydration materials, and enjoy the hour-long workout. You can preregister on their site.


Bikepacking the C&O Canal with REI at Wunder Garten

Another extremely popular event from REI to help you conquer some extremely popular trails in the area. The historic C&O Canal offers you bold trekkers a number of ways in which to tackle it. You can ferry in, drive, or huff it entirely on foot. With such a wealth of options to spend either a day or a week, you probably want a little direction. Get some guidance from the people who know best at this free event at 6:30 p.m., once again at REI’s newly renovated community space at Wunder Garten. Have a beer while you’re there!

C&O not your thing? Been there, done that? Prefer to take on something different?  Our HIKING GUIDE will definitely help you find a reasonable alternative.



Fort Dupont CrossMountain Bike Ride with Capitol Hill Bikes

Hopefully this is the day you put your newly instilled REI skills to the test. You could go straight into an outing on the C&O Canal, or you could break out that freshly tuned bike and go for a group ride. If it’s the latter, the city’s only off-road lead ride looks like an excellent option for those of you with a cross or mountain bike. Meet at Capitol Hill Bikes in Barracks Row at 8 a.m. sharp. Embark on an 11-mile ride with challenging terrain across Fort Dupont and the Anacostia River trail. Tear up that District back country, then finish up with some District Doughnuts. They recommend bringing a flat repair kit. It’s going to get rocky. Thankfully you should already be prepared.


REI’s United Outside Rock Climbing Anchors Class

Did you choose the bike ride over the C&O? Well no worries, because our trifecta of REI events rounds out with an actual trip to the canal, where you can put your knowledge and outdoor mettle to work. I’ve always been fascinated and low-key terrified by the mechanics behind outdoor rock climbing. This course, led by seasoned instructors, will give you the skills to go do it yourself, including building anchor systems, how to place removable anchors, and how to not die. It’s a small class with spaces filling quickly, so be sure to register as soon as possible. Class runs 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., and you can spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the spots you heard about from Friday’s activity.