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For this week in outside activities, our selection of fitness classes serve a dual purpose. The first is in memoriam. We have lost a brave soul. One of BYT’s lovely interns, Beachy, who has previously published this article and introduced me to the ways of the Outside, has moved on to greener, more verdant pastures. She will be working at an organization where the wild lives of the world are funded. We will miss Beachy.

The second purpose, in line with the first albeit purely in nomenclature, is that I will be heading to the beach this weekend. My first vacation of the summer brings me to the place where we all congregate to stoke the flames of our own narcissism, earned through fastidious commitment to workouts like the one in this article. You like to look good at the beach. I like to look good at the beach. So this week’s choices are specifically curated to help you look good at the beach. And since my biggest anticipation for this vacay is not the R&R, but the opportunity to catch some water-type Pokémon while I’m there, you get some assorted Poké-Go references as well. Here’s hoping we all catch some pokes this weekend. On to the work!


Boot Camp Tell-All with G Moves by Gitanjali

Let me be honest. I’d love to participate in a boot camp, but I’m a little hesitant about being able to perform the activities and moves in sync with the people running the show. That feeling of looking a little out of place? The worst. Do you feel the same way? Then this class is our ticket to passable coordination, folks! Gitanjali is a fitness instructor who aims to ease your reservations about group workouts by helping you nail down proper form while still challenging you. At 6:30 p.m., meet at the top of Meridian Hill Park, and prepare to feel that beach bod building burn. Meridian Hill park is also littered with Pokéstops. Spent almost two hours here last week. Expect at least 50 people to be flicking their fingers on their phone screens in a way-too-conspicuous manner.

Bikepacking the C&O Canal with REI

We’ve got a special event from the awesome folks at REI as a bonus for you this Tuesday. The historic C&O Canal offers you bold trekkers a number of ways in which to tackle it. You can ferry in, drive, tackle it entirely on foot. With such a wealth of options to spend either a day or a week, you probably want a little direction. Get some guidance from the people who know best at this free event at 6:30 p.m. at REI’s newly renovated community space at Wunder Garten.

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Boot Camp with Ariel Bright Fitness

You ready now? Time for the real thing. Take your newly found boot camp confidence into another total body workout. This fitness studio, situated between Thomas and Logan Circle at 1440 N St NW Suite 8, offers free introductory classes. Expect a ton of burpees, squats, and mountain climbers to get the upper and lower body aching. Soreness breeds muscle recovery. So break ’em down and they’ll come back bigger and stronger. Meet there at 7 a.m., and the class heads outside afterward. Make sure you go to the gym after work, too! It’s crunch time, so two-a-days are the way to go.


Rooftop Ride with Kick Fitness

My last day to make moves before the beach, and so we’re really putting our foot down here on Thursday. The key to a good beach bod? You gotta cut, baby. We want to accentuate our tone, and nothing will do that better than working up an aggressive sweat. Join Kick Fitness at 7 p.m. on the roof of the Atlantic Plumbing building in Shaw for a Rooftop Ride spin class. Take in the waning sunlight as you grind on those pedals and watch the calories melt away. If you haven’t been to Kick yet, your first class is free! Sign up here.


Outdoor Women’s Night with REI

Another bonus for all the wonderful females who are sweating their way through this week. Join REI at Wunder Garten at 6:30 p.m. for free giveaways, drinks, camaraderie, and some sweet vendors to help make you a master of the world around you. Who run the world? Girls.


Hike the National Zoo

This is the day we’ll start to see some payoff, so depending on how hard you pushed yourself throughout the week, feel free to experience this activity at whatever level of intensity you feel is necessary. This is the day I’ll finally be at the beach, so after a grueling Tues-Weds-Thurs, this hands-off activity should be welcome respite. Active Life DC has a nifty little guide here with suggestions for a stroll through the zoo. Feel free to jog, sprint, pace leisurely, or even incorporate a little bit of Rock Creek Park into your trail run. As an added bonus, the zoo is absolutely teeming with Pokémon. Has your unbridled addiction to this game made it past week 2? Can your feel the buzz waning? Well then, it’s your job to go recharge it by bagging that Electabuzz you found here at the zoo. Pokémon lives on, and so do all the actual animals here. So break a sweat while you take it all in.

Hate animals? Prefer the solitude of nature? Our HIKING GUIDE will definitely help you find a reasonable alternative.


Hoover Ball Game with Sand & Steel Fitness

Well this seems great! I’ll already be at the beach, but maybe I’ll be taking this activity with me. There’s sand! So even if you’re not joining me in Myrtle, you can sort of get the feeling in between your digits. Dip them toesies in the sand when you join Sand & Steel Fitness at noon on Saturday for a game of Hoover Ball. Played on a sand volleyball court, teams hurl (or hoove?) a medicine ball over the net at one another, with scoring similar to tennis. This is perfect for activating your core and strengthening muscles while also getting a cardiovascular workout in. RSVP on their events page to get in on the action at Brenman Park in Alexandria.


Sunday Salutations with lululemon Georgetown

Congratulations! Seems like you worked hard this week. We can relax now. Sunday Salutations means showing your appreciation for the sun, and the day of the sun, and a day in the sun, and fun in the sun. Because the beach bod is looking STRONG right now. We’ve grinded out a week filled with tougher classes, and you can just feel a fuller sense of personal wellness in additional to the aesthetic benefits. So our Sunday cooldown is a noontime yoga session with lululemon Georgetown. Enjoy it, you’ve earned it.


You know what else you’ve earned this week? Attendance at an awesome free festival with awesome free giveaways and all the sweet meat (and vegan alternatives) that you crave after working up a sweat with these fitness classes. JERKY FEST IS THIS SATURDAY, July 23, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the REI Wunder Garten! Beer, beards, and beef. There will be plenty of these things. I am seriously distressed that I will not be able to attend, because jerky is like my life. It should be the backbone of your workouts this week, too. All that protein. Your weekend is looking a whole lot better than mine.