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It’s International Yoga Day! Happy International Yoga Day! Do you remember, maybe 10 years ago, when yoga was still more along the lines of maligned niche fitness activity, and pioneering yogis would catch a lot of flack for their faux hippie spiritual bullshit? I remember I decided to try it out in my basement at the time, and my brother came downstairs, heard the guided audio track calmly telling me to enter child’s pose, and I looked up to find him bellowing with laughter.

It ain’t like that anymore. Today, and not just today as in International Yoga Day, but literally every day these days, yoga is the norm. Yoga is life. Yoga is for everyone. Good for you, yoga, in helping us all feel balanced and centered. So perhaps today you lay the mat down in your home, or pop into a studio and “exhale stress, inhale success” under the protection of four walls and a roof. That’s because we’ve got a storm looming on the horizons Tuesday, and your outside workout might be in jeopardy.  If you’re adamant about braving the elements, well, this IS a post about outdoor classes. So we’ll give you an option that’s tentatively outside, with a contingency plan in the event of inclement weather. We also offer you a couple belated Yoga Day activities if you’re waiting until tomorrow or the weekend to balance those chakras. There’s some other good stuff throughout the week too. Get it.


Fitness Bootcamp with Ariel Bright Fitness

This fitness studio, situated between Thomas and Logan Circle at 1440 N St NW Suite 8, offers free introductory classes to their 55-minute total body beatdown. Today, meet at that location at 7 p.m., then head outside with the class if the doppler says that’s chill. If not, you’ll get berated into performing plyometric repetitions at the studio instead. See! You can’t fail with this one. Mother Nature can’t hold you back, although maybe your respiratory system will. Classes are small so give them a ring to confirm availability. When you’re done, go home and do a yoga cooldown because post-workout stretching alleviates tension and soreness and all that good stuff. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 2.19.50 PM


Sunset Fitness in the Park with Down Dog Yoga

When the rain subsides on Wednesday, our torrid heatwave toaster oven city will likely resume its regularly scheduled climate change-induced activity, setting the sun to broil and ensuring I’m very sweaty before I get to work. But that at least means we can get back to outdoor classes. So celebrate a belated International Yoga Day with one of the more awesome free curated classes in the city. Head down to the Georgetown Waterfront Park, near the intersection of Potomac Street and K/Water Street, at 6 p.m., for Sunset Fitness. This week, the studio leading the class is Down Dog Yoga, which my friends tell me is awesome but I only do yoga when no one can see me so I don’t really know. Settle your mind and soul after hump day kicks your ass, and breathe easy knowing the work week is more over than not.


Smithsonian Evening Run with DC Capital Striders

We’re taking you on brisk little stroll on this particular evening with one of the best organized runner networks in the District. Get off at the Smithsonian Metro stop Thursday evening a bit before 6:30 p.m., and you’ll find this crew assembled by the park benches at the top of the steps near Jefferson Street. They’re offering both beginner and advance routes, in the neighborhood of about three and five miles, respectively. You can do that. You can definitely do that. Even if you haven’t run in the past year you’ll survive.

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Destination Workout with The November Project

This MWF meet-up of local workout enthusiasts began in Boston, and has expanded to so many different cities across the country. They’re a word-of-mouth (slash social media mouth) movement that encourages people of all abilities to congregate and be accountable, by starting each day with a collaborative workout. They’ve been running the steps of the Lincoln Memorial as a regularly scheduled activity, and the city has recently taken notice. It’s a testament to their organizing power, and every Friday, they organize a workout at a new destination. Expect to hit District landmarks, scenic trails, and other undiscovered gems if you keep up each week. They announce their new destination Wednesday morning on their Facebook and Twitter. At 6:30 a.m. Friday, start the day off right, because you probably won’t end it that way.


Free Yoga on the Georgetown Waterfront by Wellness Corporate Solutions

Woo! You made it to the weekend, hopefully with a little bit of exercise under your belt at this point. If so, congratulations! If not, don’t worry! You’re not alone; I probably didn’t do shit. Maybe you’re like me and the idea of weekday exercise is a daunting and unachievable task. Then maybe your belated International Yoga Day activities can only be fulfilled now. So go to Georgetown at 9:30 a.m., and be in the here and now. Because the here is the beautiful waterfront, and the now is the weekend, so your mind should be at ease. Let this positive energy be a guide for your every day life. Let it flow through you. Then promptly forget, head to brunch, and proceed to make poor decisions. Life is cyclical but at least you’re trying. 


Group Bike Ride with Revolution Cycles

Sunday should be a morning to challenge yourself, so how does 30 miles sound? Revolution Cycles in Georgetown kicks off their monthly ride at 8:30 a.m., and they welcome both veteran cyclists and you inexperienced meddling peddlers too. The ride proceeds all the way to Potomac and back on public roadways, and don’t worry if you can’t keep up. There’s a no-drop policy, so even as your quads begin to fail you, they won’t be leaving you behind. Probably don’t rent a Capital Bikeshare bike for this one, borrow your friend’s if you don’t have one.

And that’s it! Namaste, bitches. I’m glad that we have, as a culture, embraced yoga as a key element of total body wellness. Can’t wait to see what niche workout has the breakout next. Maybe barre? I’m still not making any effort to find out what barre is. And I’m still going to make fun of you CrossFitters. It’s never going to happen for you.