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Halloween is less than two weeks away which means it’s fully time to start embracing the haunted and spooky parts of our dear city. Spend the week getting scared and the weekend recovering at REI’s Grand Opening Block Party.

#UnitedOutside content is produced in collaboration with our friends at REI

TUESDAY (2)Yoga Mortis at the Congressional Cemetery

Sure the yoga is technically in the chapel, but before or after you should take a luxurious, relaxing stroll through the Congressional Cemetery and look at all the graves. I’ll bet your corpse pose will never be better.

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WEDNESDAY (3)Ghosts of Lafayette Park Tour

Although tonight is the third and final presidential debate, you may be telling yourself that you want to do something other than watch. If that’s you feel then head to the Ghosts of Lafayette Park tour to learn about crimes, conspiracies, assassinations and so much more. Apparently Lafayette Park’s other nickname is Tragedy Square, so that sounds promising.

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THURSDAY (2)Ghosts and Gargoyles of the National Cathedral

Embrace the spookiness of the season and tour the grounds of the National Cathedral in this perfect trifecta event. It’s got architectural history, it’s outdoors and it’s spooky as hell. Couldn’t ask for anything more on a Thursday in October.

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FRIDAY (2)REI Block Party

REI’s flagship is opening this weekend and they’re going all out, with events beginning on Friday at 9:30 a.m. and running until Sunday at 10 p.m. at three spots in D.C. – the new flagship store, Wunder Garten and the mainstage at Storey Park. Friday you should hit up Wunder Garten any time after noon for s’mores by the campfire until 11 p.m.. That’s 11 possible hours of s’mores. You can turn into the Stay Puft man if you give it your all.

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SATURDAY (1)More REI Block Party

Once you’ve recovered from your marshmallow-induced coma, roll on over to REI’s flagship around 10 to score one of the prizes for the first 500 visitors. There’ll be live music in the store all day, and Wunder Garten is hosting a variety of events to teach you a variety of essential skills ranging from brewing the perfect cup of coffee to tying the three essential knots or becoming a killer smartphone photographer. You’ll be so prepared for nature it’s crazy.

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Yoga Party in the Park

Spend your Sunday morning in Meridian Hill Park working on your downward facing dog along with a bunch of other yogis. As an added incentive, snacks have been promised as a post-yoga treat (gluten-free and vegan available, obviously). Then, if you’re feeling super motivated post-workout you can head right on back to REI for more of their block party.

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Go forth into nature!