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This week we’ve got some great outdoor activities that are coming to you in pairs. You can learn how to find yourself in the woods, and you can actually get lost out in the woods. You can exercise by the water, and you can get some exercise in the water. You can strap on your running shoes and fly down a race course, and you can get strapped into some harnesses and fly through the air. If none of that sounds appealing, you’re reading the wrong article, and I hope you’re taking Vitamin D pills because it’s probably been a while since you’ve seen the sun.

#UnitedOutside content has been done in collaboration with our friends at REI


Map and Compass Navigation Basics with REI

Have you ever been lost in the woods? It’s a harrowing feeling when cell service cuts out and you’ve got no means to determine where you are amidst miles of wilderness. REI wants to help you learn how to use old fashioned tools to pinpoint your exact location and potentially avoid being eaten by a bear. It’s going down at Wunder Garten at 6:30 p.m., where you’ll get lectures and hands-on experience. Your beard hairs are likely to sprout at an alarming rate in response to your newfound mountain man savvy.


Yoga at the Marina at the Columbia Island Marina

Just off the George Washington Parkway and along the waterfront to the south of D.C., the Columbia Island Marina hosts a weekly class on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. Scenic views of boats and shit, the sunset, all of the things you need to free your mind at this free class. You have to REGISTER IN ADVANCE HERE.


Outdoor Flying Trapeze with Trapeze School New York

I’m jealous that my nine-year old niece gets to go to theme parks and jump on giant trampolines and do flips. It’s just not a thing I got to do when I was younger. I want to be suspended in mid-air with only minimal fear of plummeting to my death. I want to achieve the fleeting sensation of flight. Apparently you can do this in D.C. on most weekdays. Join Trapeze School New York for a 2-hour session at 7 p.m. on Thursday, where you’ll get instruction on the ground before taking to the air.


Hike at Theodore Roosevelt Island

Yeah, that weird island in the middle of the Potomac between Virginia and D.C.? It’s got some interesting stuff to see, along with three separate trail hikes. They’re all short, so you could potentially tackle all three in the same afternoon. As a designed landscape, you’ll be able to experience nature that’s a little unnatural; it was specifically designed and planted to be consumed recreationally. If only all the good things in life could be consumed recreationally.

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Kayak Tour – Ghosts of the Potomac: Mallow’s Bay with REI

Mallow’s Bay on the Potomac River is home to a World War I era ship graveyard, where over 200 wooden supply vessels lay partially submerged. This so-called “ghost fleet” sounds eerie and creepy and there have to be specters of old naval commanders just chillin’, right? I wish this event was happening at night. But REI is hosting a guided kayak tour, beginning at a not-so-creepy 9 a.m. You’ll meet at the College Park REI and ship out to the bay. All the gear is provided and if you don’t meet any ghouls, you’ll at least see some sweet historic relics, interesting bird life, and fossil beaches.


Annapolis Ten Mile Run at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium

A day trip to Maryland would be a good move this Sunday. Race through downtown Annapolis at the 41st running of this annual tradition that benefits both local and national charities. For both the competitive and casual runner, you’ll be able to enjoy live music, food and beer once you crush the course. It kicks off Sunday at 7 a.m., and you can register here.