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We made it through the week of historic, otherworldly, god-awful humidity. Now we’re onto the week of average, still muggy, still sticky, D.C. standard humidity. That being said, it’s once again safe to leave the confines of climate controlled facilities and into the real world. So this week we’re bringing you outdoor classes of varying intensities, many of which are located in gardens or by the water. We’re trying to keep you cool this week, but that shouldn’t give you any reason to slack. Start today!

#UnitedOutside content has been done in collaboration with our friends at REI


Zumba with Balance Gym at Yards Park

Aggressive Latin rhythms on the speakers lead to excessive gyration. Excessive gyration leads to burned calories. Waterfront activities lead to scenic views, inviting breezes, and multiple options for post-workout libation. Go to Yards Park on the water in Southeast. Enjoy this free class at 7 p.m. Dance. Be healthy. Shed some pounds. Drink a beer afterward.



Freedom Barre with Sara Syrlya at 2100 M St

I’ve been writing this article all summer and I still don’t know what Barre class is. It’s like ballet? There’s a bar(re) involved? How do they bring said bar outside? Are we just doing plies on a sidewalk railing? Clearly, I still have so many questions. But indulge in an activity that seems a little more dainty than Zumba, at the big open plaza at 2100 M St NW. These events, by Golden Triangle, have been very popular throughout the summer. This one is Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.



Adventuring is the swankiest outdoor club for the LGBT community, and they meet at REI’s Wunder Garten community space this Thursday at 5:30 p.m. You’ll be able to indulge on specials on some fine draft beers, but they also have outdoor activities on tap, discussions about all the cool recreational shit you can experience in the waning moment of the summer, and s’mores. The majority of these things I’ve listed may negatively impact your fitness regimen, but Thursdays are for happy hours, so plan your next adventure with REI at this one. Register here.



Yoga in the Garden at Old City Farm & Guild

Yoga is as much a mental endeavor as it is a physical one. What better way to brighten your frame of mind than by surrounding your physical body with bright floral arrangements? Instructor Dahlia Shaaban from Yoga District is leading this free class on Friday at 6 p.m. at this nursery at 9th and Rhode Island NW. Just bring your mat and water, no RSVP needed.


Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga on the Potomac

This weekend, hop down the G.W. Parkway into Alexandria for this 8:30 a.m. class at the Washington Sailing Marina. I’ve seen this new method of aquatic yoga slowly growing in popularity recently. But in many places, you have to pay to rent a paddleboard or pay for the class. Thanks to the George Washington Memorial Parkway Trust, both the class and the equipment are free! Still, the class seems difficult as hell. I have a hard time balancing to begin with. I’m open to new experiences, just not jellyfish stings. You have to REGISTER IN ADVANCE HERE.




Hike the Billy Goat Trail at Great Falls Park

Not the toughest trail out there, but also not for the faint of heart. As it stands, temperatures are supposed to be under 90 degrees on Sunday with humidity levels down. You can get this one done. Bring lots of water. If you get too hot, there are waterfalls to jump into. It’s basically 8 miles, with some awesome scenic views. One of the most well-known hikes in the area, and with good reason.