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The weather is getting more and more bearable so it seems like a good time to learn about avoiding bears. This week we’re planning ahead, catching Pokémon, doing yoga, biking on the Mall, going on a hike and learning to meditate.

#UnitedOutside content has been done in collaboration with our friends at REI


Appalachian Trail: Trip Planning @ REI Community Space at Wunder Garten

It’s overcast and ugly outside tonight. So it’s a good time to plan ahead. This free class will help you plan the logistics of a hiking or backpack trip.


Pokémon GO Party @ Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center

Playing Pokémon GO is exercise, right? Yes, it is! Walking is exercize! It’s possible to get your daily allotment of steps playing an augmented reality game. Great for people that don’t have security concerns and/or people that want to make some new friends.



Fit Before Flicks: Yoga with Baltimore YogaWorks @ American Visionary Art Museum

Our Baltimore pick of the week. This is a great idea and I wouldn’t be surprised if a Smithsonian Institution did it next year. Do some free yoga before a screening of Life is Beautiful. Slowly get your heart rate up and then slowly bring it down with a feel good movie about a not at all good time.


DC Monuments BYOBike Tour @ REI Community Space at Wunder Garten

Start at the Wunder Garten and continue to the monuments. Live and bike as a local tourist. Good for all ages and all levels of biking expertise.


Meteor Shower Hike to Annapolis Rocks

Earlier this week we learned how to plan for a hike. Now it’s time to go on a hike. Take advantage of the few times it’s possible to see a meteor shower on a steep cliff.



Sound, Breath, and Meditation Workshop @ 825 11th St NE

End with week with a calm down. We’ve caught Pokémon, hiked, biked and stretched. Now sit still and think about nothing.