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As we wait for a pending Federal court rulingon a lawsuit brought by EMI against Vimeo.com that may kill user-generated fan videos, we’re bringing you The Week in Gaga. Its our attempt to highlight the best user-generated Lady Gaga videos on the web.

For Week Six, we’ve learned that kids say the darnedest things.

Just Dance (Public School 22 Chorus)

What could be more adorable than watching schoolchildren sing about blacking out at house party, then dancing with sketchy dudes in a club? Well…there are a few more adorable things, but it was nearly impossible to find clips of puppies doing poppers.

You know that this is the day that every gay kid at that school wrote about in their dream journal.

Mini Lady Gaga – Qual é o seu Talento? (blogdolanca)

Thanks for BYGays contributor Ryan V. for passing along this clip.  After watching it, I think we finally understand Eurovision.  Here in some Spanish-speaking country, a mother parades her underage daughter in a skin-tight body suit and three layers of foundation for her whole country to see.

We have to say that this girl knows how to work it.  You know that all of the other kids in her class totally want an invitation to her birthday party.

Lady Gaga Infects Children(ItsJackieTV)

This is the daughter that every gay man wants to have when he donates his sperm to a lesbian couple.  Just let us dress her up as Lady Gaga on the weekends, and we can proudly call ourself a good parent.
Bonus: At the end of the video, the kid asks you to post your favorite singer in the comment section and she will dress up like them – just like she did as Lady Gaga.  Right now Metallica is winning.  Please don’t change that.
You Belong With Me – Gay Version (LightChristmas)
Taylor Swift (despite defiling Stevie Nicks) is already SO adorable that we want to crawl up inside her vagina and make-out with Zac Efron. She’s that precious. Now, students at the University of Rochester have recorded a gay version of the video to You Belong With Me. The adorableness is an overload…and we love it. Not a Gaga video, but a great user-generated fan clip.
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