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As we wait for a pending Federal court rulingon a lawsuit brought by EMI against Vimeo.com that may kill user-generated fan videos, we’re bringing you The Week in Gaga. Its our attempt to highlight the best user-generated Lady Gaga videos on the web.

For Week Five, we’ve focused on our favorite sub-genre of Lady Gaga fan videos – DRAG QUEENS, which is pretty much what Lady Gaga is anyway.

Telephone (Ryan James Yezack)

This is what gays do when they have too much time on their hands.  You might have spent Snowmageddon/Snowgasm/SNOokie playing scrabble with your friends.  We wrapped ourselves in white fabric and flattering lighting and put on a show.  The outfits and production of this is pretty fierce. Enjoy.

PS – You can hit this dude up on twitter:  twitter.com/ryanjamesyezak

Shit My Pants (Sherry Vine)

Toilet humor is sophomoric, but Sherry Vine has got more than 3 million views of her video on YouTube (rivaling videos posted by Lady Gaga herself), so it’s worth sharing here.  The sunglasses made of disposable razors are a rather brilliant touch.

You can catch Sherry regularly in New York, where she does a pretty great Lady Gaga on stage.

Four Gagas in Iowa (LTMoney50)

The video on this is a bit shaky, but how can you beat FOUR Lady Gaga drag queens performing simultaneously to “Bad Romance”?  You can’t.  Straight out of Iowa City, Iowa, these Midwest mavens know how to entertain a crowd.   By the end of the video, all the queens in the club (not just the drag ones) join in to do the “Bad Romance” dance.
BONUS:I’ve been to this bar and I’m pretty sure that it used to be a McDonalds.


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