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As we wait for a pending Federal court rulingon a lawsuit brought by EMI against Vimeo.com that may kill user-generated fan videos, we’re bringing you The Week in Gaga. Its our attempt to highlight the best user-generated Lady Gaga videos on the web.

For Week Four, our video selections were inspired by thumbing through the following tweet from our favorite ice fairy Johnny Weir:

@JohnnyGWeir – In the bubble bath listening to @LadyGaga. “Show me your teeth!”

With naughty thoughts of Johnny in the bubble bath, we immediately searched YouTube for “cute” + “gay boy” + “Lady Gaga”  With those results (and we realize that cute here might be totes subjective) here we are with WEEK FOUR:

Telephone – TnA Remix (The Foehr Kids)

These adorably drunk (we assume) gay boys are like a blond-and-brunette salt and pepper shaker set. Click on their YouTube page and you’ll see lots of videos of them dancing to their favorite artists.

The liner notes of their video put it succinctly: “If Lady Gaga and Beyonce were gay guys, things would be a lot more like this… =)”

Love Game Performed by Swedish Sapphire (Swedish Sapphire)

We’re pretty sure that this is what Lady Gaga would look like if she weren’t a halfsie hermaphrodite, but were a gay boy instead.

Swedish Sapphire is a student at the University of California San Diego, and he loves to record diva videos for your viewing pleasure.  Judging by the video, he enjoys fluorescent outfits, fishnet stockings, tops and not eating.  Seriously, not to be all Meredith Baxter Bernie in a Lifetime original t.v. movie, but EAT A SANDWICH and we might take you out.

Bad Romance Tribute!!! (That’s Soo Wendy!)

Comment Section Contest: Name the drug that Wendy is on and you just might win a shout-out in our next column.

At the end of her video, Wendy says “I love lady gaga because she’s a little bit pretty, a little bit psycho.  She’s like Marilyn Manson for 2009.” That’s a pretty apt description of Wendy herself.  It takes a few minutes of wading through fucked-up ramblings, but the tribute itself is pretty spectacular and disastrous at the same time and worth watching.  We like this girl.

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