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As we wait for a pending Federal court ruling on a lawsuit brought by EMI against Vimeo.com that may kill user-generated fan videos, we’re bringing you The Week in Gaga.  Its our attempt to highlight the best user-generated Lady Gaga videos on the web.

This week we steer a bit from user-generated Gaga videos to more professionally polished material.

Here we are with WEEK THREE:

Johnny Weir Skates to Poker Face (US Nationals)

Johnny Weir famously refuses to talk about his sexual orientation and with this performance, he doesn’t really need to.  If you had any doubt about which side of the rink Weir skates on, it is erased with this video.  Marry us already, Johnny.  Our love for you is almost as flaming as you are.  Kick ass in Vancouver, sport.

Christopher Walken Does Poker Face (Friday Night with Jonathan Ross)

The BBC thought it would be funny to have Christopher Walken read the lyrics to “Poker Face” on the air.  They didn’t know he would turn it into a masterpiece.  Walken hits everything out of the park, including Lady Gaga.  You might have seen this already, but we know you’ll watch it every time.

Eric Cartman Does Poker Face (Southpark)

This Rock Band parody of “Poker Face” totally made this episode of South Park.  We’re sure that it’s not the last time that Lady Gaga makes an appearance on the show, and we’re sure that the writers will apply their trademark viciousness the next time around.

UPDATE: Last week, we told you that the boy trying to sell you a t-shirt at the end of this Lady Gaga parody video is totes cute.  It turns out he is also totes 16 as well.  Hands off the baby gays.

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