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This year, Federal courts will consider a lawsuit by EMI against Vimeo.com that seeks to kill user-generated videos that feature fans lip syncing to professional recordings.  Depending on the outcome of the suit, rulings could see sites like YouTube and Vimeo remove your favorite clips of drunk people dancing to Single Ladies or singing Living On A Prayer.  Worse, it could spell the death of the Numa Numa Guy.  What would Tosh.0 do without him?

To celebrate these videos while we can, the BYGays are bringing you a weekly, limited series of The Week in Gaga.  We’ll be featuring (three at a time) the best user-generated Lady Gaga videos on the web.  And for more crazy gay BYT antics, you can always follow BYGays on Twitter.

To kick-off our celebration of user-generated Gaga videos, we picked three of the very best for our inaugural week.  Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Medley (Sam & Kurt)

This is why you should never do cocaine prior to watching GLEE. You’ll just spend the next three hours filming yourself doing this. Bonus: We want to marry this kid.  Double Bonus: His zipper is already part-way down.

Lady Gaga – Eric & Mike (Full Dance)

Although we had another video slated for this spot, this clip is too amazing to pass up.  It was filmed this weekend at a D.C. houseparty in Columbia Heights and was already tweeted to us 20 times by Sunday morning.

Why is it awesome? According to everyone at the party, it wasn’t choreographed ahead of time at all.  This is a serious note to all straight people – if you throw a party an invite the gays, then there is a decent chance that two of them will show up in matching slim-fit American Apparel tees and know all the dance moves to “Bad Romance.”  That’s your entertainment.  You’re welcome.

UPDATE:  We were sent this full-length YouTube clip featuring multiple camera shots.  So adorable and worth the watch.

Badder Romance (Full Length)
What better way to come out to your parents then rounding up your best fag hags and filming a Lady Gaga video in their basement?  There is none.  Well, except for the fact that in the YouTube liner notes the kid says that his parents gave him a Flip camera for Christmas and that gave him the idea.  Great…now instead of questioning if their parenting is somehow to blame for their sons homosexuality.  They.Know.It.

Our congratulations to Badder Romance (Full Length). This is simply the best Lady Gaga parody video on the internet.

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